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Merry Christmas 2015

Posted: December 25, 2015 in Videos
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Every year around Christmas, we drive around in our car and look at the Christmas lights people have put up. Since we were driving out anyway, we thought we’d bring our cameras. We took a bunch of pictures of the lit up houses and put them into a video.

There is one house that puts up a ton of lights every year. They even have a radio transmitter in their yard so that if you dial in to a certain FM station, you can hear the music they have going! There are so many lights it’s hard to describe, and I think you’ll know which house I’m talking about if you watch the video. If you’re wondering why this man puts up all these lights, it’s just a tradition and this year, there were more than ever because he’s moving to Utah. As he put it, “It’s the grand finale.” It really was!

The music we put the video to is sung by Vince Gill, and this is our favorite Christmas album. When we drive around and look at lights, or when we decorate our tree, or when we are coming home from a long hike around this time of year, this is the music we listen to. This is a really good CD, probably one of the best Christmas albums out there and you can purchase the CD here.

Merry Christmas!!

from John & Dink

Well, Thanksgiving is now well over, and we’re getting into the Christmas spirit. Last year, we wrote about putting up our Christmas lights (Our Christmas Lights). If you’ve noticed, we haven’t written about that yet, but they are up and shining. The reason we didn’t write about putting the Christmas lights up is because we never took them down 🙂

Since we didn’t have to spend time today putting up Christmas lights, we began work on our chicken coop. Over the summer, we decided that we were going to get chickens. We knew that we either wanted to manage chickens or an Aquaponics system, and we decided to focus in on chickens this year.

Before we could begin work on it, we had to figure out what kind of chicken coop we wanted, what we would need to make it, get dimensions on it, and buy wood to build it. We did this before Thanksgiving so we could begin to build it today. We are actually making what is called a chicken tractor – a portable chicken coop. So far, we have the frame for the hutch, as well as part of the walls for it. Later, when we’re done with the hutch, we are going to build the run and bolt the two sides together. At that point, we’ll be done. It may sound easy, but there are many side details that are difficult to work out.

Anyway, like we said, we’re already getting ready for Christmas. The pastor at our church said that he was already looking around his house for new places to decorate. If you’re putting up Christmas lights (or building anything), have fun and we hope it goes well!

Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! Yesterday we drove and got pictures and a video of the best Christmas lights we could find. So that this won’t be a completely empty article, we’ll post the pictures of Christmas lights. There was this  one crazy house with a bunch of lights so we actually got a video of  that. We hope you like the pictures and the video! Merry Christmas!

~John and Dink~

Yesterday we bought some battery operated Christmas Lights to put in our apartment. We got two kinds, color changing starburst lights and non-color changing micro-lights. They are made by Philips and since they are battery operated, you can literally put them anywhere. We were thinking about putting the non-color changing lights around our license plate on the car, and we actually might (except the box says they are for indoor use only). For now, we just put them over our kitchen windows. As for the color changing lights, they are a little too distracting to put on the car, but they are really cool-looking. The non-color changing lights cost $6.99 and the color changing lights cost $7.99.

Both these lights are LED, so it uses batteries slowly, but they are still very bright and good looking. They require four AA bateries to run. The non-color changing light set is 8.7 feet long, including the switch. The color changing lights are 5.5 feet long (again, including the switch). They’re kind of on the smaller side, so they’re good for houses as well as small apartments. These lights work well, and on a scale from one to ten, I would rate them a 10 and John would rate them a 9.

by Dink