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The Racoon

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Yard and Garden
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Last summer, we had a big problem with our corn. The problem was that something was eating it. It wasn’t just eating a little bit, it was really chomping down. It wouldn’t even eat a whole ear, it would just eat maybe one third of an ear and then move on to another one. At first we believed it was squirrels  because we saw a lot of them running in and out of our corn patch. We set traps for them and waited. A whole week and a half went by and the squirrels didn’t run into the traps. We thought about shooting the squirrels, but decided not to and that was a good thing, because they weren’t even the problem. It’s true that they were eating some corn, but the real culprit was a raccoon that we found in our trap one day.

We were really surprised to find a raccoon in the trap because we had never seen any raccoons in our corn before, but that explained why so much corn was getting ruined. We took the raccoon to a state park a long way away so that he couldn’t come back. Since raccoons are nocturnal, he was very sleepy and sort of just walked away when my dad opened the trap. He didn’t seem scared at all, which was a little weird. Anyway, if our corn starts getting eaten again this summer, we’ll know what it most likely is. One funny thing is that we put peanut butter in the trap and the raccoon still went in. I didn’t know raccoons like peanut butter, but I guess they do.

by Dink