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Tonight we watched the second episode from the fifth season of Swamp People. These first two episodes have shown most of the swamper’s starting day of the season. It looks like Bruce and Ron, Glenn, and Willie are among the only hunters who haven’t appeared yet. Maybe they’ll be in the next episode.

The first two episodes were good. We saw some of the old people like Junior and Troy, but we also saw some new people. Theresa is Junior’s wife and she is his hunting partner this season as Willie has struck out on his own. Junior & Theresa were doing well until Theresa got bitten by a gator they were pulling into the boat. The gator was shot, but it was still alive. Even though we never saw any blood, Junior said that it had bit clear through her left ring finger. Theresa might not be able to continue hunting and if she has to quit, Junior will have to find a new hunting partner.

Terrell is back from we think the second season. He is not one of our favorites. This season he has a hunting partner named Johnny. Johnny reminds us of a mothball and we are wondering if he has any teeth. Troy is partnering with his nephew Holden, 15. They look like they’re going to have a good season together. Jacob is hunting with Miss Marie until Chase gets back from a job in California. Miss Marie is a really good shot.

Then there is a new native American named Roger Rivers.We can’t remember his partner’s name. Before Roger starts hunting for alligators, he first gets a loggerhead turtle to do some Native American rituals to keep him safe for the season. We didn’t think too much about that and his partner didn’t look very impressed either. We hope he just sticks to alligator hunting in future shows.

RJ and Jay Paul are back, saying “bro” a lot and giving each other fist bumps. Liz and her daughter are partners again since Kristi got married and is apparently having a baby.

David and Jeromy are back as well, and as always, they are in a league of their own. On the 2nd episode, Jeromy was driving a motor house as they were going to drive south to Raceland, LA. Here is how Jeromy described it :

“We’re fixing to hit the road with this forty year old motor home, and I’m hoping it’s gonna make it. Can’t get in the bathroom cause the door’s broke right there. Have to go out in the woods. It don’t have no shocks on it so it bounces a lot. The refrigerator don’t work in there. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s got a little smell. It ain’t got no air condition. You burn up. It’s hot. But it’s something for us to sleep in, keep us out of the rain.”

The 1st thing the boys did when they got to Raceland was to get an alligator out of a lake so that the owner of the lake would give them the 30 tags they went down there for in the 1st place. It was a cheap thing for that owner to do, but David and Jeromy got it eventually, after trying to bait it with sausage (David’s supper) and Cheetos.

The 1st two episodes were pretty good with some old with some new. As usual, we don’t like the new people very much. They have to grow on us for a season and some we never will like as much as others.

If you’ve never seen Swamp People, you can check it out here. It’s just one of the things we watch, even though they do the same thing week after week. It’s the same, but it’s different 🙂

On last week’s episode, called Beast of the East, David and Jeromy finally shot the [alleged] fourteen-foot long alligator that David had been trying to catch for 20 years. David claimed that it was longer than his boat and just as wide, though when they caught it, it didn’t seem quite that big. At the start of their day, they had only two tags left, so they were putting all the tricks they knew into their last two lines. They baited them with monkey milk and another bait so potent that David nearly threw up. However, even this did not lure the Beast of the East out of hiding. They only manged to catch a small female gator with all the rancid bait. Then Jeromy formed a plan that he was sure would help them catch the beast. He told David that they should use the female’s scent to lure in the gator. David himself had gotten sprayed by a female one time and then a bull gator came right up to him. There was no question about it; using the female’s scent would do the trick. So David and Jeromy soaked some cotton balls in a jar of the female alligator’s urine and proceeded to put them on trees near their bait line. The Beast of the East went after that, and David was able to shoot it with his revolver.

In the process of catching it, Jeromy wrangled with the beast while David poked the gator’s mouth with his bamboo pole. Speaking of which, I think it would be more effective to just shoot the thing as soon as you could. They say they do it to keep the alligator from jumping in the boat, but I can only recall one time when an alligator has actually jumped into somebody’s boat. I don’t think it’s necessary. But anyway, they’re the hunters, not me.

At the end of the show, Jeromy came over to David’s house with a present for him. He had cleaned the alligator’s head and bleached the skull. David looked very surprised and pleased, and I must say, it was nice of Jeromy. Unfortunately, History Channel never did give the measurements of The Beast of the East.

by Dink and John

The last episode of Swamp People is called “Devoured” because of the large sinkhole that has devoured part of Troy’s hunting grounds, but it was David LaDart and Jeromy Pruitt who stole this show, in our opinion.

We don’t like to make fun of people and we don’t like to be mean, so when we call this entry a comedy act, it’s because this episode has enormous entertainment value. David LaDart and Jeromy Pruitt are hot on the trail of the Beast of the East (which they say is 14 feet long) and because they only have to fill 50 tags for the season, they can really savor the hunt. They were both in high spirits and filled the air with some yuh, yuh, yuh-hoos. Jeromy felt “…like a possum running across a patch with his tail up in the air”.

They get to an area where they see signs of the Beast but they think the gator might be over the border of their hunting territory where they aren’t allowed to hunt. They decide to try to lure the gator into their territory with some extra rancid bait hung upwind so when the breeze comes through, the Beast will smell it.

The fun really begins after they hang their bait and go to sit in a hidden spot.  They pull out their secret weapon – an electronic speaker call which can play alligator sounds to attract the Beast. “It’s awesome”, says David, after Jeromy lets it rip. We were treated to alligator growls from a big male bull first and we were laughing pretty hard by now. The idea was to make the Beast of the East think there was another big bull around and come out to fight it, then smell the bait and get caught. They are both wanting really bad to get the gator on their hook and they looked pretty intense sitting in their boat playing those sounds.

After the male bull sounds, Jeromy played some baby alligator sounds. Next came some bellows – like bellowing for a mate. Something about seeing Jeromy and David sitting in that boat with those alligator sounds going is really hilarious. Finally, after 2 hours, the Beast of the East comes swimming within view and begins going towards their bait. They can’t believe it. When describing how he felt when he saw it, Jeromy did his “arm pump”. Then, David shows he is not a man who can keep his pants on. He can’t wait for the gator to get to the bait and possibly take it. Instead, he pulls out his pistol and tries to shoot it in open water. Unfortunately, he misses! Then, just as quick as it came, the Beast of the East begins heading back out.

Well, the boys decide to try to follow the Beast so that they can snag it. Unfortunately, the boat won’t start because their battery is dead. After cussing and blaming each other, they start talking about how big the Beast was and Jeromy started up with his arm pumps again. The whole scene is pretty hilarious and if you want to have a really good laugh, watch this episode on the History Channel website.

by John & Dink

Well, on this episode, David and Jeromy made another appearance. Once again, they went through a lot of fanfare and once again, they caught just one small gator. They had to walk a small canoe out to their hunting spot after they cut and stripped about 10 bamboo canes. Since the boat was so small and could easily capsize, Jeromy did not bring his musket – just his knife. We realized today that we just can’t understand Jeromy very well and that it isn’t because he has tobacco stuck in his mouth. Anyway, they seemed content even though they only caught one gator. Maybe they only have 15 tags for the season…or maybe they are just really simple people.

Junior and Willie were out together and that’s good because they are 2 of our favorite people. Junior shot a gator and they brought it into the boat, but then they discovered it was still alive. It bit Willie and tore the flesh on all the fingers on his left hand. It also broke his left big toe. They had to go back home to get Willie patched up by his mom, but then they were right back out again and Willie pulled in a gator with one arm. We like Willie a lot because he’s tough and we like Junior a lot because he is funny.

Liz and her daughter were back on. Thankfully, Liz did not “sing”. One thing about this pair is, we are tired of hearing their dirty mouths. They cuss a lot more than any of the other hunters.

Last week, they introduced a new pair: Tom Candies and ZZ Loupe. ZZ is an immature 16 year old male who has his shorts on way too tight and way too short. That, together with his go-go boots, his pony tail hair, and him pretending to fly as Tom’s boat speeds around the swamp makes a rather nauseating picture. Tom is really nice and he wanted to train up ZZ because ZZ is the grandson of Tom’s mentor – the man who taught Tom everything about alligator hunting and probably more. But we don’t think ZZ is very worthy, at this point in his life, of Tom’s efforts. He doesn’t listen to Tom’s directions which is stupid since Tom knows better than he does. A kid who doesn’t listen is a dumb kid.

Lastly, Chase and Jacob had a good day. They make a good team and they are decent and good people. And that figures, since they are Troy’s sons.

They have a lot of new people on the show this year and we miss seeing Joe and Tommy and Mitchell. Luckily, some of our favorites are still on and luckily, they show Troy and his family on almost every episode. If you haven’t seen the show and you get bored, you can watch it right on your computer at the History Channel’s website.

by John and Dink