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We got bored. We searched for something to watch on the History Channel. We discovered a new show entitled Appalachian Outlaws. This show is about people in Appalachia who dig ginseng roots and sell them. It is big business, and people can get $1000 per pound! This may sound like an extremely boring and uneventful show, but there are things in it that make it pretty interesting. For instance, since ginseng roots are so valuable, people who have ginseng on their property have problems with poachers who think nothing of stealing another’s property. There is this one guy in West Virginia who sets lots of booby traps in his woods for them. This kind of makes it interesting. All in all, the show is pretty good.

We have noticed that most of the shows we have watched and enjoyed have Southerners in them. Mudcats, Appalachian Outlaws, Duck Dynasty (the first season is pretty good), Top Shot (a lot of the people who go onto that show are Southern), and Swamp People. The fact is, if they made a show about northerners, particularly northeasterners, nobody would watch it. Who wants to watch someone getting up, eating some healthy breakfast, getting into some fancy gear, getting on public transportation which takes them to an office, and then coming home at night after stopping off at a gym or a bar? In general, northerners do not do anything worth filming. It’s Southerners who lead the colorful and interesting lives and that’s why people can make TV shows about them. They sound great, they do great and fun things, and they know a lot of useful things too. They can also shoot really well.

Anyway, if you want to watch Appalachian Outlaws, you can find the show on History where new shows come on every Thursday at 10/9 central.

It seems we cannot get away from Duck Dynasty. Not only is Duck Dynasty paraphernalia in all the stores this Christmas, they are in the news. Well, at least Phil Robertson is in the news.

Phil is our favorite person from that clan and here is why. Phil seems genuine to us. He’s old-school. One gets the impression that Phil does not believe a lot of the nonsense that is out there in our modern world. He’s real. He’s God-fearing. And last but not least, he’s cool.

Phil was in the news recently because he missed the Barbara Walters interview which the rest of the DD people did. He allegedly preferred to go duck hunting. Now Phil is in the news because he was fired for simply saying what he thought in a non-A&E related interview.

What Phil said was certainly not hateful in any way to anyone, but what he said riled a very powerful group these days. They called what he said “vile”, but he didn’t say anything vile at all. He basically said women are a better sexual fit for men than men are. You can read his statements here to see what you think:

We think A&E firing Phil just makes him all the cooler. We hope he’s a person who can’t be controlled by the powers that be, but that remains to be seen. As for the rest of the clan, we hope they voluntarily leave that network to support Phil, but we don’t really have any high hopes for that to happen. They seem to be made of a different fiber. We hope we’re wrong.

Apparently there was a surprise, an upset, in Louisiana on November 16, 2013, when a man named Vance McAllister won a congressional seat in that state’s 5th district. He had the support of Phil and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, a TV “reality” show on A&E (Last Thought About Duck Dynasty). Consequently, some have surmised that he won by the votes of Duck Dynasty fans.

Now we do not know who this man is or what he stands for and we aren’t saying anything negative about Phil or Willie Robertson. We aren’t really saying anything about the vote at all.

What we are saying is that if it is true that this man won by the votes of Duck Dynasty fans, then people really need to make sure they are standing on their own two feet. Now, some people probably did their homework and agreed that voting this man in would be in the country’s best interest, but we probably aren’t too far off to assume that a percentage voted for McAllister because and only because the Robertsons supported him. Is that bad?

We think so.

Duck Dynasty is hugely popular. Football stars are hugely popular. Pop stars are hugely popular. Movie stars are hugely popular. All too often, people latch on to some popular person’s belief system without thinking if what they are now believing is true or not. It’s how people are so easily led to the slaughter in many ways.

We want to tell people to make sure that they are doing their own research and using their own brains to come up with their own opinions. Then, when in doubt, sure, look to those you admire to see what types of reasons they give for believing what they believe. It’s just too easy to jump on someone else’s wagon without thinking. John and I want to take care that we always try our best to use our own brains first.

One place we got our information:, but you can search on “Vance McAllister Phil Robertson” and find many more.

Last Thought About Duck Dynasty

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Articles

Well, we watched our 5th or 6th episode of Duck Dynasty last night and it will probably be our last. The episode we watched had Willie’s niece and nephew in his brand new truck with him and he had bought them both some ice cream and hot dogs. By the end of the trip, they had dumped their ice cream all over the seat and were playing in it, making a ridiculous mess in the truck.

Kids are stupid sometimes, but they wouldn’t do this and even if they did, what adult would put up with it long enough for the kids to wreck their truck?

Starting a while ago, we had our suspicions about this show. We thought that the directors probably told people to do and say certain things. We have now confirmed that the show is completely scripted (it’s obvious) and therefore fake and boring. And if it isn’t scripted…. well, we don’t want to watch such stupid people.

We just wanted to write one last time about this show since we had kind of said it was good.

It isn’t.

~Dink and John

Duck Dynasty Revisited

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Articles
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Well, we have watched around 4-6 episodes of Duck Dynasty since we first heard about it and we like it okay. Our mother and John really like Phil, especially when he prays.

One thing that makes us like Phil is that he stands up for what he believes in. We recently saw a video with Phil and Willie speaking. Phil said that there were some shows where the editors added bleeping even though there was no profanity and he also said that they edited out the words “in Jesus’s name” from his prayers because they might offend someone. He confronted them with both of these issues and we liked that

Why should they add bleeping when they don’t say any bad words? Are we supposed to think men are better if they are always cussing? Because we don’t. Also, practically anything a person says might offend another person. Jesus’s name is offensive to some, but that doesn’t mean we should stop saying His name.

If you’ve never watched Duck Dynasty, you might want to watch it and see if you like it. If you don’t like it at all, maybe you should watch an episode with Phil in it. Everyone seems to like Phil – he seems smart, wise, knowledgeable, and humble. These are good qualities and they make Phil likeable.

In the last episode we watched, we saw Phil clean some frogs and then they ate them for supper. We think that’s a good way to live. Catch your food and eat your food – very simple and healthy.