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Last summer when we went camping we wanted to see if we could use a flint striker to start our fire. We brought a Coghlan’s flint striker and we were able not only to light our fire, but we also lit our lantern and mosquito repelling candles. In order to get the original fire going, we did use magnesium, Purell, a couple of paper towels, and dead leaves, and it still took us about half an hour to get it going. Once we did get it going, though, it was very satisfying to sit back and watch the fire that we just spent thirty minutes making.

Anyway, we were very pleased with the flint striker. This product includes a metal striker, but you can also use the back of your pocket knife. I recommend this product highly for hardy campers. One interesting thing that we noticed was that the side of the flint striker and flint rod that you use effects it. For example, if you use the top side of the striker and the top side of the flint rod and you notice that it is not making any sparks, you might want to flip either the striker or the flint over and try again. I know this sounds like it’s just my imagination, but it really matters which sides you use. If it’s not making sparks, it could also be the layer of paint that they put on the rod. You have to scrape the paint off before striking.

Anyway, I hope you find this helpful. If you’re planning to go camping this summer, then you might want to consider buying this product, which you can do here. If you do end up buying it or any other flint striker on the market to take camping, remember this: bring magnesium or some other tinder starter with you, because it is VERY difficult to start a fire without magnesium, unless the leaves you are using are REALLY dry. Believe me, because we had to use Purell, magnesium, a paper towel, and leaves to get it going and it still took a half hour. One last thing I’ll say is you might want to watch a video of somebody using a flint striker. We watched Survivorman and that was helpful to us.

by Dink