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In the mail, we got coupons for these two products (Erewhon Graham Crackers and Uncle Sam Cereal), and since they were good coupons (one of them was to get the product Free), we decided to try the products. We didn’t expect the store would have them because we had never heard of these brands before. However, Dink and I looked around a little and found both products fairly quickly.

When we opened the Honey Grahams graham crackers, they looked a little burnt and we thought they would be a little hard. On the contrary, they re quite light and fluffy. They taste exactly like Nabisco graham crackers, and they’re non GMO ūüôā On a scale from one to ten, Dink and I would both rate them a ten. These can be bought here.

As for the Uncle Sam’s cereal, I never had any with milk. I just tried some plain, without milk. I thought it was pretty good. Dink didn’t think it was sweet enough, but if you like cereals to not be too sweet, then this would be good for you. It tastes very healthy, so if you are into health food, then you would probably like this. Both of these products are organic and non-GMO, by the way and are made by a company which is enrolled in the Non-GMO Project. All companies which participate in the Non-GMO Project are serious about keeping GMOs out. If you search on “Non-GMO Project”, you can see a list of companies who are dedicated to producing normal food. It has been very helpful to our family in the past as well as the present.

On a scale from one to ten, I would rate the Uncle Sam cereal a 9 and Dink would rate it a 7. One of our older sisters really liked it. She runs almost every day and eats very healthy. She would probably rate the product a 9 or a 10. If you want to buy this, you can click here.

by John

Eating at Golden Corral

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Tonight we went to Golden Corral to eat supper. We walked in and got our drinks and then a waiter showed us to our table. In case you don’t know already, Golden Corral is a buffet so we could just walk up and get our food after we had gotten our table. There was a bunch of food in there! They had fried chicken, shrimp, french fries, pizza, cotton candy, salad, grilled chicken, and a whole lot more. We got some pictures of the food and of some of our plates that we got. Some of are plates look pretty ridiculous, now that I look at them, but it’s kind of funny anyway.

I also took a couple pictures of this thing called the chocolate wonderfall which I thought was pretty cool. You skewered food like strawberries or marshmallows and then dipped it into the wonderfall to coat it in chocolate. It worked very well. I would like to own a chocolate wonderfall.

Before we left, John and I weighed ourselves just so we could see how much weight we gained. Here’s a chart indicating our before and after weights.

                          John                                 Dink

Before:       80.5 pounds                  133.5 pounds

After:          82.5 pounds                   137 pounds

We were really full when we left, but I still didn’t think I had gained almost four pounds! That’s a lot of weight for just one meal. Anyway, we hope you like all the pictures that we got!

by Dink

We don’t eat candy that much, but we do store a lot for when we want some. We like a large variety, and one kind of candy we like is Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints. These mints are very small, so if you want something little, you can just eat two or three of these and it’ll be enough. The dimensions are approximately 1 1/4¬† inches across and 1/8 inch thick. If y0u want to try these, click here.

A funny part about this product is it says on the box “All Natural”, and we thought that was kind of weird because on the list of ingredients, it says that the product has corn syrup and other things in it. That right there shows you it is by no means all natural, because corn syrup is not natural, unless they have a corn syrup bush or something. Either they’re lying, or they have a different definition of natural. Come to think of it, what does “all natural” mean?

Anyway, these mints are really good. They are very minty and cool and they are also kind of chewy. We like them a lot and on a scale from one to ten, I would rate them a 9 and a half and Dink would rate them a 9.

by John

Today we went into a store called Max’s Produce today to see what it was like inside. The first thing we noticed was that it was really small. It was basically just one aisle running down the whole store but there was a surprising amount of food in there. They seemed to sell a lot of things for such a little store. They had a fridge with drinks in it, some fruits and vegetables, rice, cereal, candy, and more. They had this stuff called energy bread, but it looked pretty graphic so we didn’t get it.

Max’s Produce is located on South 20th Street in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Some of the items are cheaper than in other nearby stores. For instance, Clif Builder’s Bars are $1.50 at Max’s, but $2.50 at the store right down the road. That’s good to know, since we eat them. Anyway, if we ever need to run out for something quick like bread, we might go to Max’s Produce from now on.

by Dink

A while ago we got a box of dehydrated marshmallows from a place called Dutch Valley. I think Mennonites run the business and they sell food in bulk. The box of marshmallows weighed about 7 lb. They’re really inexpensive, and they taste good plain or with cereal of some kind. If you mix them with Cheerios, they taste sort of like Lucky Charms. So if you like Lucky Charms, you might want to buy some dehydrated marshmallows and Cheerios because it’s a lot less expensive than Lucky Charms. Also, you can put however many marshmallows you want into the cereal. Sometimes we think they don’t put enough marshmallows into the Lucky Charms, but this isn’t a problem anymore. These marshmallows are awesome and I think they will last a long time because the box is really big, even though we can only eat them with Cheerios for dessert.

by John