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On the final episode of Full Metal Jousting, there were two jousts: the $25,000 joust between Rope Myers and John Stikes and the championship joust between Josh Knowles and Matt Hiltman. Rope won the $25,000 joust and we were glad. We probably liked Rope the most out of all the guys on Full Metal Jousting. It wasn’t that great of a joust since mostly they just missed each other. They both were not having their best day.

In the final joust between Josh Knowles and Matt Hiltman, we could really see a difference in attitude, at least from the coaches’ words. For instance, Matt’s coaches were saying things like stick it in Josh’s neck and go kill him. Josh’s coaches were just encouraging him, reminding him who he was trying to win for and also telling him how to do better on the next run. We like it better when people stick to skill.

It was a really close match but Josh Knowles won $100,000 in the end by one point. We were really glad that he and Rope won the jousts. This was probably the only time when both people we wanted to win won.

by Dink

On the last Sunday’s episode of Full Metal Jousting, they were doing semi finals, and the first match-up was Rope Myers vs. Josh Avery. Unfortunately, Rope lost. We like Rope a lot better than Josh because he’s not the kind of person who makes excuses if he loses, and he’s a nice guy. Whenever Rope jousts, he just uses his skill to win but Josh seems to want to hurt people when he jousts. Josh doesn’t seem very nice and he also seems very arrogant, which is a bad combination. Even though he beat Rope, Josh still has a couple jousts before he wins, and hopefully he’ll lose one of them.

by John

On the most recent episode of Full Metal Jousting, two people got hurt really badly. They had to go to the emergency room in the middle of practice. Then they seemed to think that they were “real men” after they got hurt and John and I just thought that they were really stupid. For one thing, there’s absolutely no point to joust except that they get one hundred thousand dollars, which isn’t that much money. It’s certainly not enough money to risk getting killed or seriously injured. And then Shane is sitting there saying that he would keep on jousting with part of his leg missing. . . .

All the other shows that we watch: Top Shot, Top Guns, Mudcats, Swamp People, there is not that much risk involved. Top Shot and Top Guns are good shows and there is VERY little risk of somebody getting hurt. Mudcats tries to make everything sound dangerous, and it probably would be, but there is at least one camera man there to assist him in addition to the noodler’s partner. Swamp People is the least dumb of these shows because the swampers earn most of their annual income from hunting gators and in the process they are making sure the gator population does not explode. But in Full Metal Jousting, there is no reason to joust and in almost every episode somebody gets hurt. The camera men can’t do anything and neither can anybody else. So for the jousters to think that they’re all manly because they get injured doing a pointless and unneeded sport is ridiculous. That’s just what we think. Not everybody will feel that way, but anyway, John and I will probably never joust. I guess we’re not manly enough.

by Dink

A few days ago, my family and I were watching Full Metal Jousting on the History Channel. In the particular episode we were watching, a guy named Landon punched a horse in the head because the horse stepped on his foot. His reason was that he wanted to get the horse off his foot as quickly as possible. Landon was quickly lectured by Shane, the host of the show, as well as his coach. It was explained that there was a no-tolerance policy for mistreatment of the animals, and Landon was kicked off the show. Now, before I begin with my thoughts, I would like to apologize to animal lovers beforehand, because I will not be necessarily sympathetic towards the horse. Obviously I’m not saying we should go and brutalize a couple horses, nobody wants that. But I will say that I was extremely taken aback (as was my whole family) by the huge deal they made over Landon punching the horse. Before anyone gets angry, let’s step back a moment and look at this event in perspective…..

The horse is on Landon’s foot, and it hurts. It hurts right? The horse is nearly 1700 pounds! So obviously, Landon must get the horse off his foot quickly before it breaks his bones. Admittedly, punching it in the head is not only not the most natural thing to do in the situation, it is probably not even the most effective way to get the horse to move. But still, it was most likely in a moment of panic, and when standing in his shoes, I can’t honestly say I blame him. Yet everyone else seems to act like he just went and murdered someone. I was surprised that they didn’t even acknowledge to Landon that yes, the horse had to be moved and if that was your instinct at that moment, OK. Don’t do it again. Or something along those lines. Nope, what they had to say was more along the lines of, “We can’t believe you hit a horse. Of all things to hit. A  horse. That was standing on your foot. Wow, Landon, really? OK, see you later, you’re kicked off the show.”

So finally, I hope someone out there feels the same or at least similarly to me. Again, I do not condone his actions, but when put in his situation, you never know what you’d do to move the horse. It might be something as unkind, crazy, ridiculous, uncouth, acrimonious, vile, inconceivable, and insensitive as punching the horse in the head. You never know.

by Niles