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… in the garden and Hapkido.

Today I had my second test in Hapkido and passed fairly easily. My belt is now a slightly alarming shade of yellow although, unfortunately, on the picture, it only registered as a dull yellow. According to my instructors, this is when things get really fun – and, for some, painful. I’m certainly looking forward to it!


Today we also spent a lot of time outdoors, both splitting wood and harvesting some of the last vegetables from the garden. Tonight we are supposed to have a frost, so we didn’t want to lose any food.

We grabbed the last of our spinach, peppers, and lettuce.

We got some gnarly carrots and fed the chickens some extra greens.

We filled our raised beds with leaves for the winter. The leaves will also offer protection for the garlic bed.

We are looking forward to our broccoli and cabbages for the next month! I would have taken a picture of our kale, but it had been harvested very recently and so the plants are just now getting their leaves back.

Last of all, who picked this radish? Shown also is a box of vegetables our neighbor didn’t want (he doesn’t like lettuce, broccoli, or cabbage). And a nice bowl of kale and sweet potato soup with some bread for someone’s lunch. Not mine. I don’t like this soup 🙂

We have never stopped eating out of our garden, but I cannot believe that we will still be getting vegetables for at least the next month. Just today, we put some tender plants into our greenhouse and apparently will be continuing to grow them in there. It’s pretty amazing how much food one can grow on a small piece of property! You don’t need that much land, you just need to be willing to work for it.

Before we left for our camping trip, we harvested all of the potatoes that we grew in just two small raised beds. It actually yielded quite a lot of good-sized potatoes. We grew white potatoes, red potatoes, and a variety called Yukon Gold. In addition, we have our sweet potatoes, which we haven’t harvested yet. For us personally, the white potatoes did the best, but it may have been because they got more sun than the other plants.

Anyway, we’re very happy with the amount of potatoes we got in such a small space. It won’t last us the whole winter by any means, but it’s that many less potatoes we’ll have to buy!

DSCF3529Nowadays, at our house, it’s pepper-harvesting time. All types of peppers are ready for picking: bell peppers, lunchbox peppers, bananas, bull nose, and more various assorted sweet peppers, and all sorts of chili peppers as well as other hot peppers.

On one particular day, my mother focused on picking peppers from a sizable Thai pepper plant. Thai pepper plants grow to become small bushes and produce copious amounts of peppers.

Take the pictures in the article, for example. Aside from the yellow peppers, which are cayenne peppers, all of those red and green peppers came off of one plant. And while we only have one Thai pepper plant, we have two hot Korean pepper plants which produce as many or more fruits. We’re going to have a lot of peppers!

Thankfully, we found a really good sweet chili sauce recipe that we are going to make a lot. It’s reminiscent of a spicy duck sauce and we love it already. This is the recipe:

However, one can only eat so much chili sauce. The peppers are also being frozen whole and also used in various sauces and relishes which will be put up and be available for seasoning all winter long.

The thing is, these pepper plants after being cleaned of all their fruits, will produce almost the same amount of fruit before frost hits. So much food in so little space 🙂


Well, here we are halfway through July…. The garden (and we) plug on. Here are some of the things we’ve been harvesting and processing.

First up, green beans (snaps) and Lincoln peas. We ate all the peas as they came in, but are canning & freezing our snaps in addition to eating them frequently.  We have around 40 or so bush and pole plants combined and that is plenty to get us to next season. After all, you can pick a large bowl of them every 3rd day or so. Just started a couple dozen wax bean plants as well. Lincoln peas are done and have been pulled out of the ground. Either sugar snaps or Snow peas will take their place.

Next up, all of our peppers are turning and we are enjoying fresh salsa every day. In addition, we are pickling a lot – both sweet and hot peppers. Peppers are showing up on pizzas, in casseroles, and in salads!

Blueberries are done for the season with the song birds, chickens, squirrels, and rabbits polishing off the remaining berries. We ate and froze lots of fresh berries, processed lots of blueberry pie filling, blueberry pancake syrup, blueberry muffins and other things blueberry.

Then came the zucchini 🙂 In addition to zucchini stir-fry, zucchini fritters, and zucchini casseroles, we’ve had zucchini fries, zucchini muffins, zucchini breads, chocolate zucchini cake and more. Bags of grated zucchini, muffins, cakes, and breads have been frozen. We’ve given lots away and I think zucchini soup with hot Italian sausage is on the menu soon and most likely a lot of that will be canned for the winter.

A lot of our 1st kale crop was fortunately taken by our sisters and brother. One of our sisters likes to eat lots of kale salad. For us, we make a hot kale and bacon dish and then we tried kale chips. Yes, the trendy kale chip in our handy dehydrator. We hated them so out they went to the chickens. Our 2nd crop of various kales has been started.

Here is a lunch which came entirely from our yard. It doesn’t look great, but it tastes great. You can’t see the hot pepper vinegar splashed on it or the good stuff under the eggs and beets, but there is a lot of stuff in there.

We feel very spoiled, and yet, it is back-breaking work to make our garden good and productive, so even though we feel spoiled, we also feel our harvests are a blessed reward for us.


Last, but not least, we have started our next crop of broccoli, cabbages, kales, cilantro, radishes, beets, and perhaps more.

On a completely different note, we are finally going to the beach next week! And later we’ll go camping!