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I’m not trying to write about things I’ve heard at church particularly, but it seems that these days, I actually have something to comment on. For instance, today, the following verses from Matthew were read:


And as is often the case, I don’t really understand what Jesus is saying. He certainly isn’t suggesting that God is going to take care of us while we do not work, but He is saying that we shouldn’t worry but trust in Him to care for us. But I wonder about the people who aren’t being taken care of, at least humanly speaking. To my eyes, some people are not being taken care of at all. They are starving; they don’t have homes; they don’t have clothes.

Probably there are a lot of mumbo jumbo explanations about what Jesus meant. I still don’t know, but after thinking about it all day long, I think that no matter how things look to our eyes, Jesus is still taking care of us and we can still trust Him somehow. And anyway, what else are we supposed to do?

I don’t know. Someone shed some light here.

Above are most of our seedlings now in plastic cups and growing well.

We took a trip up to Philadelphia yesterday and noticed that three new buildings had been erected near the Schuylkill River since last we visited. Mostly what I feel is that more sun will be blocked out and there may be even less parking spots for people with cars, but I may be wrong on both points. At least they are very shiny 🙂

Small update on our seedlings. Here is what they are looking like now:

We started our tomatoes and here is what we have planted (each container has 4 seeds in it):

Super Sauce Tomatoes (6 pots)
Sunchocola Hybrid Tomato (1 pot)
Brandy Boy Hybrid (3 pots)
Cherokee Purple (1 pot)
Kellogg (1 pot)
Juliet (2 pots)

Today we are starting

Elephant Ear Sweet Peppers (1 pot)
Yellow Pear Tomato (1 pot)
Beefsteak Tomato (1 pot)
Roma Tomato (2 pots)
Brunswick Cabbages (3 pots)

That’s about it. Enjoy your weekend!

Before we left for our camping trip, we harvested all of the potatoes that we grew in just two small raised beds. It actually yielded quite a lot of good-sized potatoes. We grew white potatoes, red potatoes, and a variety called Yukon Gold. In addition, we have our sweet potatoes, which we haven’t harvested yet. For us personally, the white potatoes did the best, but it may have been because they got more sun than the other plants.

Anyway, we’re very happy with the amount of potatoes we got in such a small space. It won’t last us the whole winter by any means, but it’s that many less potatoes we’ll have to buy!

After many days of rain, we finally got a break today and decided that, muddy or not, we were going to have to get some work done.

Wrong shoes first of all…


Our main job today was to cut a lot of sod for the enlargement of our main garden. We rented the sod cutter; it cost us $95/day, but since we rented it on a Saturday, we can keep it until Monday since the store is closed Sundays.

Here is our enlarged space and the rented sod cutter (which by the way worked great and made a hard job much, much easier). We used the sod in between raised beds and in pathways, turning it upside down. The chickens picked out grubs and worms and ate so many, they finally tired of them.

Green tomatillo plants in a side garden and a shot of the main garden: plants from front to back, Lincoln peas, Strike bush beans, Swiss chard, various peppers, Brandy Boy and Super Sauce tomatoes, and way in the back, zucchini plants. Our first 4.5″ pepper is an Anaheim Chile pepper.

Here’s me with our trusty tiller and proper footwear. And now I am going to eat some fried chicken and onion rings, And for dessert, I will eat a bowl of ice cream 🙂


Since we last wrote about our very first tomato seedling of this year, a lot of things have been planted. Slightly less have sprouted. But the seedlings that have come up so far are:

Sunchocola Hybrid Tomato
California Wonder Bell Peppers
Golden Giant II Sweet Pepper Hybrid
Green Envy Cherry Tomatoes
Braveheart Lettuce
Jalapeno Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers
Rio Grande Verde Tomatillo
Yellow Cayenne Peppers
Lunchbox Peppers
Basil Plants (for indoors)
Anaheim Chili Peppers
Bull Nosed Large Bell
Golden Acres Cabbage

In general, we have 4-6 of each pepper plant, more of the jalapeno and golden giants. Since peppers take much longer than tomato plants to get mature enough by the time we plant outside, we start these first.

Just about all of the peppers we are planning for our garden have been started. Next to be started in the immediate future are the rest of our tomatoes, onions, and purple tomatillos. My dad and I are going to build a very small greenhouse which will probably be about 6′ x 8′ and hopefully portable. We want to put it on our deck at first for a variety of personal reasons.

Our sister came over yesterday and brought kimchi with her which we enjoyed yesterday with our Asian-themed lunch. Tonight’s supper was kimchi, rice, and roasted seaweed. We get kimchi about once every 2-3 years, but when we have it, we really enjoy it and just eat it with some rice usually.

Dessert was a slice of chocolate bourbon pecan pie. My parents don’t like the taste of bourbon in it very much, but I think it’s partly because they used Jim Beam. Perhaps if we used a higher quality bourbon it would be better. After all, it came in a plastic bottle….