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The most recent episode of Swamp People was pretty good because they had Glenn and Mitchell on again! It’s always good to see what good ol’ Glenn and Mitchel are up to.

Today they were moving a relative’s houseboat through the water to a new location. They dragged the houseboat through the water by pulling it with two boats, one on each side of the houseboat. Halfway through the trip, one of the engines cut off because it ran out of gas. The houseboat started spinning around in circles because the other engine was still going and it was very funny to see. It’s a good thing they had an extra gas tank or they would have had a problem. The last time they had engine problems, they had to use an oar to get back to their house, which was about 5 miles away. Oh well, I’m sure that wasn’t the first time that happened to them. Anyway, their relative gave them smoked garfish in return for moving his houseboat but unfortunately they never showed them eating it. I guess they have too many things to show in forty-five minutes. Dink and I still think that they should have a separate show for Glenn and Mitchell.

The other people were just hunting alligators, which is always fun to watch. On this particular episode, Liz, Troy, and R.J. are all hunting down a particular gator and they all get them in the end. Liz’s alligator was 12 feet 4 inches and R.J.’s was about 12 feet long as well; however, they never showed how long Troy’s alligator, named “King Tut”, was which was kind of disappointing. Again, they probably had too much material and couldn’t fit it all in.

As Jay Paul said in one of his tweets, there are too many cast members.


by John and Dink

On the most recent episode of Swamp People, Glenn and Mitchell went onto the water to catch some crawfish because they had eaten most of their extra supplies during Tropical Storm Lee. We always like it when they show Glenn and Mitchell on Swamp People because they are very entertaining to watch. They always say “Oh Yeah Baby!” but today they were saying “Oh yeah yeah baby”.  They said it at the same time after they caught some crawfish and it was really funny. I’m not sure if that’s some sort of joke that they have going, but they say that every time they come on. We think they need to have a separate show for Glenn and Mitchell because they don’t show them very much on Swamp People and they’re very fun to watch. If they did make a show on Glenn and Mitchell, we would watch it every time it came on.

After they came home with the crawfish, they cooked them up and ate them with some friends. The last thing we heard them say was “Oh Yeah Yeah Baby!”