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Well, we had a heck of a time being able to watch this episode. It seems that History Channel is not so free anymore – at least for Swamp People. You need a TV provider and we don’t have one, so we had to scour the internet for this episode. I guess Swamp People is too popular.

One annoying thing we kept running into was sites saying “No downloads”, “Free”, “No registration”, etc. and then turning around and doing the exact thing they said they wouldn’t do. One thing I think everyone universally cannot stand is lying…. Anyway, we finally found this website called “” and it worked for us. The only thing was that the video loaded very slowly. We had to let it load for a couple of hours. If we didn’t, when we played it, it would pause every few seconds. Not very enjoyable to watch that way.

There were a couple of good things on this show. The first was T-Roy getting back together with his father and filling the rest of his father’s tags for him because his dad was getting too old to do it himself. T-Roy skinned the last big gator that he and Bigfoot caught to give as a gift to T-Roy’s dad. It was to thank him for everything he had done for T-Roy.

The other good thing on the show was seeing Glenn go coon hunting and fishing for gar with his good friend TK. They shot a 17 lb raccoon and boy, the laugh that Glenn let out was pretty terrifying. I mean, if you were out in the woods at night alone, you might think a person had just escaped from an insane asylum. It was very scary sounding. Luckily, it was just Glenn. TK & Glenn cooked up their coon and garfish and had some friends come over and eat with them. We didn’t know you could eat raccoon. I wonder what it tastes like. Anyway, Glenn was still very down because of Mitchell until a few episodes ago and having his friends over for a cookout seemed to help a lot.

Actually, Liz was the 1st person to get Glenn back to feeling like his old self by asking him to help her catch some gators. It was good for him to be out on the water and start to move around again, so Liz was a really good friend to Glenn. It still feels bad to know Mitchell is not with Glenn, but hopefully, Glenn will be able to move on with the help of his friends.

The episode was called Deadly Chill because a cold front came to the area making it very difficult, if not impossible, to hook any gators. RJ and Jay Paul and Chase and Jacob were the two teams that seemed the most affected by the cold.

Rj and Jay Paul haven’t been on for awhile. We think it’s because they had to show the Texans before they had to go back to Texas. Anyway, they shot a huge gator in open water and had to hurry to get it. It was only stunned and  it was pretty exciting there until they shot it again and got it into their boat. RJ used a lot of language, but the difference with RJ is that he knew he was using language that he doesn’t normally use (and you get the impression he would prefer not to use it) and was kind of apologizing for it. Since the cold front came in and the gators weren’t biting, RJ got the male parts from the gator they just caught to use as bait. The idea was that if another male gator caught the scent of those male parts in his territory, it would enrage him and he would attack – and get hooked. It worked, and they got well over a 700 pound male alligator. That’s a pretty smart technique and one the RJ learned from previous generations. That’s one good thing about all of these hunters. They aren’t just on their own starting from scratch. There is a long tradition before them and they are smart enough to listen and learn from their elders.

Chase and Jacob dealt with their problem in a different way. They found a hidden warm spot behind a levee. They scouted out the area and counted 9 big gators right off the bat. To clear a path, they had to cut down 40-50 trees with their chain saw and a machete. It took them 2 hours of hard work. Our dad sometimes has to cut down trees and you can bet that cutting that many trees in that short a time is back breaking work. Then Jacob had to get going 30 mph to get over 50 yards, jumping the levee. Well, he didn’t quite make it – he knew the distance was too great, but he didn’t get hurt either. He got far enough that the two boys could fairly easily pull the boat to the other side. They caught a lot of large gators with an average length of around 8 feet, so their risk and effort really paid off for them. Troy was probably real proud of them.

Bruce and Ron are having a better season than it was looking like they might have. This episode, they were hunting for a cannibal gator who was ruining their catches. They did finally catch it sleeping and it was huge with its belly stuffed with alligator meat most likely. It kind of reminded us of the story of Little Red Riding Hood with the wolf’s belly stuffed full. They didn’t show Bruce giving Tyler his zebra cakes, but he probably did since it was such a good catch.

Last, but definitely not least, Glenn was on the show. The water had receded from his house but he was still on his porch swing alone. Luckily, he has a good and faithful friend named TK. TK came over and they went squirrel hunting together. One funny thing is when they were setting off, Glenn’s dogs were coming along and Glenn said, “Come on, turds.” He called his dogs “turds” and it was pretty amusing. All in all, it was a pretty satisfying show.