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We recently caught another groundhog in the trap. This time, we used watermelon and jade plant as bait. The watermelon was too old to eat, so we put it into the trap since we had to throw it away anyway. A groundhog went in the next day and ate the watermelon. This is why we think he went in for the watermelon, as opposed to the jade plant that was already in there.

He was a very young groundhog who lived under our deck. There is at least one more living next to our neighbor’s driveway. There might also be one living under our playhouse. A long time ago, a groundhog lived under there and we think there might be another one now, because we saw new burrows. If you are having trouble catching a groundhog, you might try watermelon as a bait.

by Dink and John

We recently found out that there are three baby groundhogs living under our deck along with the groundhog that we just wrote about. If they get into garden this year, they’ll have three times the eating force, so let’s hope they don’t get to the garden. We tried to get as much good footage of these baby groundhogs as we could, but it was hard because they are very shy and don’t like to go out from under the deck. They are rather hard to see in the video, but sometimes you can see them pretty well. I advise that if you watch the video, watch it full screen. It does help a lot. (There is a printer making a lot of noise about halfway through the video, by the way. Sorry about that!)

We did a little research and found out that baby groundhogs are usually born toward the end of March or early April. By midsummer, baby groundhogs, also known as cubs or kits, have usually moved out of the original den and built a small burrow for themselves. It is often very close to their parents’ burrow, and is not their official home, but later they make a permanent one that is farther away. Groundhogs, apart from mating season, are very solitary animals. Perhaps these three cubs living under the deck will move out soon, and maybe even out of our yard when they make their permanent burrow.

In our yard, there is a wisteria tree, and it looks very nice. Today we saw the big groundhog climbing it to try and eat its leaves (or flowers, I don’t know). It was very interesting to see. We had no idea groundhogs could jump onto a tree trunk and climb up it! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a video of him. We did get some pictures of the wisteria tree, though. We hope you like the pictures and the video!

by John

The Groundhog In Action

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Articles, Videos

Last year, we wrote several articles concerning the groundhog in our yard, but we’ve never gotten a picture of him, much less a video, because they are easily scared. Last year, we set traps for him because groundhogs always get into the garden, but the groundhog last year never seemed interested. He was content grazing on the grass in our back yard. We wrote about that groundhog in our article, The Well – Behaved Groundhog.

We believe the very same groundhog is still living under the deck. We were able to get him on film so that you can see him. He’s quite fun to watch, in our opinion. It is true that he sits still for long periods of time, but he is just making sure that everything is alright before he moves on. If groundhogs hear a noise or see a motion that scares them, they will run back to their home. We had a pretty hard time actually getting him on film, because he would hear us or see us and dash back under the deck. We had to be very quiet to get footage of him. We see him a lot, but we usually wind up scaring him except yesterday, when we got a video of him.

The time we actually got to film him, he was coming up onto our deck, and he stopped moving and looked in the direction of our house for a long time. Finally, he began moving again. We think that this footage is very interesting to watch, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

by John

All the plants in our garden are coming up good. We’ve had a lot of rain and that has helped a lot. Also, the deer never came back and the groundhog hasn’t even eaten anything in the garden yet. The groundhog might not even live here anymore because we haven’t seen him in a while. Our garden this year is going a lot better than last year. Last year there was not very much rain and a lot of corn was eaten by a raccoon and some squirrels.

We also just weeded the garden so it looks very nice. Here are some pictures of certain plants from our garden. We hope you like them!

You may remember that we wrote an article about trapping groundhogs that get into our garden. We didn’t catch anything where the trap was, so we moved it somewhere else. We were surprised to see a squirrel in the trap the day after we moved it. We took a picture of it before we released it back into the wild. We would still like to catch a groundhog if possible but it’s a lot harder to catch a groundhog than a squirrel because groundhogs are a lot more cautious. We rarely ever see the groundhogs outside anymore. We will let you know if we ever catch one or if we catch anything else (besides another squirrel).

by Dink