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We took a trip up to Philadelphia yesterday and noticed that three new buildings had been erected near the Schuylkill River since last we visited. Mostly what I feel is that more sun will be blocked out and there may be even less parking spots for people with cars, but I may be wrong on both points. At least they are very shiny πŸ™‚

Small update on our seedlings. Here is what they are looking like now:

We started our tomatoes and here is what we have planted (each container has 4 seeds in it):

Super Sauce Tomatoes (6 pots)
Sunchocola Hybrid Tomato (1 pot)
Brandy Boy Hybrid (3 pots)
Cherokee Purple (1 pot)
Kellogg (1 pot)
Juliet (2 pots)

Today we are starting

Elephant Ear Sweet Peppers (1 pot)
Yellow Pear Tomato (1 pot)
Beefsteak Tomato (1 pot)
Roma Tomato (2 pots)
Brunswick Cabbages (3 pots)

That’s about it. Enjoy your weekend!

macmartIn Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, there has been a food truck called Mac Mart for three years. It specializes in macaroni and cheese.

Now they will be opening an eatery which will offer the same.

The mac & cheese eatery is scheduled to open in early May and will be located atΒ 104 S. 18th St. When you order, it sounds like you will get a pound of macaroni and cheese to which you can add your own toppings.

I’m still kind of wondering how you make an entire eating establishment which serves only macaroni and cheese. I’m also wondering if there will be anything served other than macaroni and cheese.

In any case, Dink was very sad when he heard the news since we don’t live in Philadelphia anymore. Dink loves macaroni & cheese πŸ™‚


This past weekend we drove up to Philadelphia to visit our brother. It was a very jolly visit with lots of fun and interesting catching up.

We walked along the old Schuylkill River path and saw a new sculpture they put up. At the Art Museum (the Rocky museum), we turned around since our dad’s knee was bothering him.

We enjoyed a nice supper with lively conversation. Then we went out to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of our brother’s favorite whiskey. People drank varying amounts upon returning to his apartment.

Our brother does some funny things, most of which he probably would rather us not reveal. He did agree to let us share his new toilet flushing system, though.

After it broke, he twisted up a lot of those twisty things you get at the grocery store. He twisted up enough that they came up the back of the toilet and out far enough for him to grasp and pull when he needed to flush. Then one day he saw some string in a delivery of pineapples to his school (or something like that). He thought to himself, “Hmmm. That would make the perfect pull string.”

He dismantled his twisties (although a remnant was left) and attached his new string. He likes it so well that even when our dad offered to fix it, he declined his offer. We had a great time.

The one sober thing which happened was that we passed by the massive funeral procession for two deputy sheriffs who were shot for no reason whatsoever at a Panera restaurant. Every overpass was crowded with people and the sides of the highway in both directions had cars parked as they waited for the procession. Police cars, and only police cars, drove down in the opposite direction than we were driving for at least 1-2 miles. The whole scene was at once beautiful, sad, and terrible. Pictures could not capture the emotion felt on I-95 Saturday afternoon. The horrible thing that happened to those deputies and their families and communities and the horrible thing that is happening to law enforcement officers all over our country.

The Annual Mummers Parade

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... Mummers Parade returns for 2015 β€” with a different route. (Photo byI have just learned something new, which is more evidence toward my project to prove to myself that you do, in fact, learn something new every day. While the title insinuates that you already know what a mummer is, you might not, unless you live in Philadelphia. Don’t feel bad about it! I certainly didn’t either.

“Mummer” is actually a legitimate word (“…a person who wears a mask or fantastic costume while merrymaking or taking part in a pantomime, especially at Christmas and other festive seasons…” according to, and in Philadelphia, there are several groups of mummers who have a mummer parade every year. This particular parade carries on a tradition dating back to when the Delaware River was being settled by Swedish and Finnish settlers. These people celebrated by banging pots and shooting guns, so now, organized mummer groups bring in the New Year in the same way. Except, I think, without the guns.

That’s about all I know. Feel free to throw any more information you have on the mummers down in the comments!

Unfortunately, although we lived in Philadelphia for a couple of years, we were never there on New Year’s Day to see this mummer parade. We always left before Christmas and got back after the new year. It’s too bad, but at least in the opinion of one writer (the source below), it doesn’t sound that great anyway.


Continuing on about our visit to Philadelphia, as soon as we walked into the apartment building on Saturday, we saw a small heap of paperclips outside the door of our brother’s apartment.

Knowing that our brother has locked himself out of his apartment and broken into his apartment before, we were a bit worried. We unlocked the deadbolt and pushed the door open, only to discover that our brother had indeed apparently locked himself out of his apartment, again.

We heard the story from him: it was the Saturday the “celebrity in white” was in town and he wanted to see all the military presence in the city. Unfortunately he left his keys in all the excitement and unfortunately for him, no locksmiths could drive into the city to reach him.

He waited outside the apartment all day for his neighbors but eventually had to sleep at a friend’s place. In the end, he had to break the door again, which was apparently disturbingly easy.

On Sunday, after we left the dog park, we walked back home. We saw that they are building a new apartment complex, and that there was a lot of trash along the sidewalk. It was actually exceptionally disgusting last weekend, but certain things compensated for it; there were a lot of berries and flowering plants around. We also saw lots of black locust trees, which are very nice. I picked up a few pods off the ground and removed two seeds from them. I’m hoping to make a bonsai black locust!

We saw a bush with orange berries, which was of the Pyracantha genus; bushes in this genus are usually called Firethorn bushes. I believe the specific bush we saw was a cross between a Pyracantha coccinea and a Pyracantha crenatoserrata. This is called a Pyracantha Orange Charmer. It’s very nice!

We saw an interesting evergreen that had what looked like very small green berries growing close to its trunk and branches. I’m pretty sure it was a juniper of some sort. The last remarkable berry we saw looked almost like a dogwood. The berries were medium large, red, and had tiny little spines on them. It is some kind of hawthorn, but I can’t figure out exactly what type.

Lastly, we saw a hummingbird, but it might be hard to spot in the pictures.

One of the best times we had over the weekend was being able to attend 10th Presbyterian Church again. Liam Goligher was preaching and it was very great to hear the words he spoke.