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The Thing in the Ceiling

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today while I was in the back bedroom, I heard a strange noise which seemed to come from the roof. When it came again, I realized that the noise was not coming from the roof, it was coming from the ceiling. To be more exact, it was inside the ceiling. At first I though it was a wasp somewhere because there had been one in the bedroom a few days ago. Then I heard something that sounded like claws scratching against the top of the ceiling. Later when me and John were back there, we heard it sighing loudly so we knew it wasn’t a bird or a squirrel like we thought it was earlier. We have now narrowed the possibilities down to it being a rat, possum, or a raccoon. The thing occasionally moves around and sighs. We can hear its claws scraping when it moves and it sounds like it’s a pretty big animal. If it dies and it is still in the ceiling, it will smell really bad. We hope it doesn’t get into the apartment, we just hope that it finds a way out of the ceiling.

by Dink