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What Is In My Toilet?!?

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Articles
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Okay. Not in my toilet.

In D.C., the Rodent Control people got a few complaints from people who have rats in their toilets. The rats climbed through the water pipes and ended up in urban home toilets.

It’s actually kind of funny, although I really wouldn’t want it to happen to us.

The rats can get into the sewers from grates in the streets, and from there the rest seems to be simple enough for the disgusting rodents. We actually saw a rat in Philadelphia that was dead on a grate, presumably crushed by a car going by as he was trying to squeeze through.

Click the link at the bottom of this article if you want to see how a rat squeezes through the pipes and manages to come up in your toilet!

This is an article we wrote earlier about rats in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia: Rat Hunting

Source (and video): See How Easily A Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet

Rat Hunting

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Articles, Videos
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On Sunday at around 11:00pm, we went rat hunting because we heard there was a rat problem in Rittenhouse Square, a neighborhood in Philadelphia. As we walked the perimeter of Rittenhouse Park, we didn’t seeing any rats, to our disappointment. When we decided to go into the park, however, we saw lots of them. We were walking calmly along in the park when we saw a rat scuttle across the path and join two of his brethren near a trash can. Unfortunately, in the dim light it was hard for the camera to see them. We did have a flashlight, but it wasn’t quite bright enough because the batteries were low.

Tonight, we went back to Rittenhouse Park armed with fresh batteries in the flashlight. We went at dusk, which is supposedly when the rats are mainly out. We went to the place where we had seen them yesterday, and sat down on a bench next to a trash can. We thought this would probably be the best spot, since rats always go near trash cans anyway.

As we settled down to wait, we noticed that there were lots of people and dogs around. This made it harder to get any rats on film because the people walking scared them, and their dogs sometimes chased them, but we did finally succeed in filming a few. The video quality is pretty low sometimes, but we hope you like it anyway!

As a side thought, people like to go to music concerts around here, but we go rat-hunting 🙂

Some people call Philadelphia “The City of Brotherly Love”. Others call it “Filthadelphia”. We think it was mostly Filthadelphia this past week. It was warm and humid. The trash cans were stewing and there was rotting ginkgo fruit under the ginkgo trees (Gumballs and Ginkgo Trees.) Philadelphia is not a clean place.

We read a few days ago that Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia houses a lot of rats, which is probably due to all the restaurants in the area, so we went to see what we could find. We walked around the edge of the park and discovered four large rat holes. We heard that the rats are usually visible in the early morning or at dusk but there have also been some sightings while it was still light outside. We wanted to catch some rats on film, but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Dink did hear something moving around in a trash can a while ago, and now we think that it might have been a rat.

It’s just another reason why we think living in a big city is disgusting.

by Dink

The Rat in our Yard

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Late last summer, when John and I were walking up our driveway, an animal jumped in front of us and hopped away. For a second, it sort of looked like a kangaroo rat from the way it was hopping, and I was wondering if it was really that dry so that a kangaroo rat would live here. Of course it wasn’t a kangaroo rat, but anyway, John and I gave chase. We chased the thing up into a peach tree at the end of our yard and John ran to get our mom while I guarded the animal. He didn’t move as long as I was close, but if I moved away, he would start making his way down the tree. So I stayed close to the tree, and pretty soon our mom arrived with John. She didn’t know what it was, but she was pretty sure it was a rat so she got our next door neighbor to come look at it since our dad wasn’t home. The animal was identified as a rat and that was not good.

In case you don’t know, rats are bad news. If rats start multiplying in a neighborhood, they can do a lot of damage. Apparently, the rat had come from another neighbor’s yard and was just sitting at the beginning of ours when we walked up. Those other neighbors have goats and a horse in their backyard and the animals are fed grain. We’ve seen rat holes in their stable before, so we are quite sure that is where the rat came from.

Anyway, our next door neighbor was going to kill it, but it got away. He said that he didn’t think it was going to last long since he was able to hit it once, but the rat didn’t die. We started hearing scrabbling noises from our garage a few weeks later, and our dad set rat traps for it. When to rat avoided the traps for a week, we took everything out of our garage and finally saw it. My dad had a hard time chasing it down, but he was finally able to kill it which is a good thing, because if he hadn’t, we might be having a serious rat problem right now.

by Dink