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The Three Children

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Articles
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Today we procured three new chickens! They are from the same farm as last time, and also are the same hybrid breed of chicken – red comets. We bought these three because two of our chickens got eaten, one died of natural causes, and the other five have slowed down on laying.

We put the new chickens adjacent to our other chickens, but in a way such that the other chickens can’t get to them, just in case the old ones feel like being bullies or have cannibalistic tendencies. The new chickens, at about fourteen weeks, are much younger than those we have gotten in the past, and they are quite soft and light, not to mention small. So small, in fact, that they had trouble perching on the makeshift roost we put up for them. They ended up crowding onto the log that acted as a support for the roost to sleep for the night.

We’re giving them a few days to realize that this is their home now, and for the older chickens to get used to them. Right now, it seems like they are adjusting pretty well. Also, I somehow forgot to take pictures of the chickens, but I did film them, so you can see them there. It’s the older chickens that are making so much noise and I’m sure they were pretty much terrifying the younger chickens. Hopefully they will settle down in the next week!

This past week we’ve spent a lot of time staining the chicken tractor, and we have that done now. We also moved it before we stained it, partly so that we wouldn’t get stain in our garage, but also to see how hard moving it would be. A rather crucial board was torn off in the back of the tractor in the process of moving it, but we already have that fixed, and besides a few minor details, we’re basically done, so we went ahead and got our chickens.

We got six Red Comet chickens, which are a mix between a Rhode Island Red (or New Hampshire) rooster and a Barred Rock hen (It’s important for theĀ Rhode Island Red to be a rooster and the Barred Rock to be a hen.) They are actually really cute. We thankfully found a nearby farmer who had a lot of chickens just ready to begin laying and that’s exactly what we wanted. They were a little jittery, not only because of the intense car ride home, but because a fox had gotten one of their fellow chickens this morning. Hopefully, they’ll forget about that in a while. Right now, they seem to be very happy and comfortable in their new home.

With any luck, our new chickens will be busy laying eggs and hopefully we won’t have to be buying eggs anymore. Tomorrow we’re going to aim to finish the tractor 100%, so look for some more videos and pictures!

by John and Dink