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The Spot gave us some weird pizza one week. It looked like they used cottage cheese or worse, bad cheese, so the next week we decided to go to another restaurant called Gusto. They make pizzas (and other things), so we ordered some and picked it up. I was very hungry, so either it tasted really good to me, or it’s just the same as The Spot’s pizza. It tastes basically like The Spot’s pizza, but the crust is slightly harder.  The Gusto restaurant is near Rittenhouse Square at 240 S 22nd St and they advertise themselves as a favorite gourmet pizza parlor of Philadelphia.

Gusto doesn’t only make pizza. They had a whole menu but unfortunately I didn’t look at it. I can’t rate the restaurant since we’ve only had one item from it, but I would rate the pizza a 9 and Dink would rate it an 8. It’s fun to try different places and it’s easy in Philadelphia since there are so many restaurants all over the place. Maybe we’ll actually get something besides pizza sometime.

by John

Today we went into a store called Max’s Produce today to see what it was like inside. The first thing we noticed was that it was really small. It was basically just one aisle running down the whole store but there was a surprising amount of food in there. They seemed to sell a lot of things for such a little store. They had a fridge with drinks in it, some fruits and vegetables, rice, cereal, candy, and more. They had this stuff called energy bread, but it looked pretty graphic so we didn’t get it.

Max’s Produce is located on South 20th Street in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Some of the items are cheaper than in other nearby stores. For instance, Clif Builder’s Bars are $1.50 at Max’s, but $2.50 at the store right down the road. That’s good to know, since we eat them. Anyway, if we ever need to run out for something quick like bread, we might go to Max’s Produce from now on.

by Dink

A few blocks from where we live, there is a park where we used to go to play football before we became aware of something that made us stay away. When we first came here, we weren’t used to city parks with a bunch of people and dogs in them. The park was the only place to go that wasn’t concrete, however, so we went there. The park was simply a big square of grass and trees with paths running through it. We chose a big patch of grass and played for a while. When we got home, we noticed that our shoes smelled like dog poop but we kept on going to the park anyway. After a few weeks, we noticed that the ground was always wet and it hadn’t rained in a long time. Then we remembered all those dogs and well . . . you can figure it out. Anyway, we don’t go to the park anymore as you might guess. It’s a good thing we found the Schuylkill river path or we would have never been able to walk anywhere.