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Last Wednesday, my friend and I went to a ropes course at the Adventure Park in Sandy Spring, Maryland. Going there, I didn’t exactly know what I was getting into, but it sounded like fun and I hadn’t seen my friend in a while, so I didn’t see any harm in it. Having never heard of a ropes course before, I was in for quite the surprise. For those of you who are like I was prior to last Wednesday and don’t know what a ropes course is, it is a type of obstacle course suspended in the air. The use of many, many steel cables, harnesses, clips, and, in the one I went to, sturdy trees, makes it very safe.

Since the whole thing is kind of hard to explain, I’ll give an example of an obstacle that a ropes course might have. A hypothetical obstacle would be a steel cable stretched tightly between two trees with planks of wood at intervals of a few feet. In this hypothetical obstacle, there would also be a steel cable stretched tightly between the same two trees but at a higher height. You would be clipped to the top steel cable and would also probably hold on to it for support as you edged across from one tree to the other. This would be one of the easier obstacles. The real obstacles range from very easy to very, very difficult requiring strength, balance, agility, or all three.

Anyway, it was really fun. In addition to fun obstacles, they had things like ziplines. My friend took a video of a zipline in action on his phone. We tried a series of easy obstacles, then a harder series of obstacles, and then we moved right on up to the hardest set of obstacles that they offered. That probably wasn’t the best idea since it was my first time there, but I lived. When I was about half way through the hardest set, I ran out of time and had to quite early.

Overall, it was quite the experience. I think the word that I used most frequently on Wednesday was “terrifying.” In addition, I think my biceps were mostly non-existent for a large portionĀ of Thursday. And now I know what a ropes course is!