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This past weekend we drove up to Philadelphia to visit our brother. It was a very jolly visit with lots of fun and interesting catching up.

We walked along the old Schuylkill River path and saw a new sculpture they put up. At the Art Museum (the Rocky museum), we turned around since our dad’s knee was bothering him.

We enjoyed a nice supper with lively conversation. Then we went out to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of our brother’s favorite whiskey. People drank varying amounts upon returning to his apartment.

Our brother does some funny things, most of which he probably would rather us not reveal. He did agree to let us share his new toilet flushing system, though.

After it broke, he twisted up a lot of those twisty things you get at the grocery store. He twisted up enough that they came up the back of the toilet and out far enough for him to grasp and pull when he needed to flush. Then one day he saw some string in a delivery of pineapples to his school (or something like that). He thought to himself, “Hmmm. That would make the perfect pull string.”

He dismantled his twisties (although a remnant was left) and attached his new string. He likes it so well that even when our dad offered to fix it, he declined his offer. We had a great time.

The one sober thing which happened was that we passed by the massive funeral procession for two deputy sheriffs who were shot for no reason whatsoever at a Panera restaurant. Every overpass was crowded with people and the sides of the highway in both directions had cars parked as they waited for the procession. Police cars, and only police cars, drove down in the opposite direction than we were driving for at least 1-2 miles. The whole scene was at once beautiful, sad, and terrible. Pictures could not capture the emotion felt on I-95 Saturday afternoon. The horrible thing that happened to those deputies and their families and communities and the horrible thing that is happening to law enforcement officers all over our country.

Yoga On the River

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Articles
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Back up in familiar Philadelphia on the Schuylkill River next to the good ol’ path, many stupid things occur. Many. Trust us. We walked on that path almost every day for more than a year. It was brutal. But that’s off the point! The point is, something dumber than usual has been happening recently. A woman is going to offer a yoga class. Not just any yoga class, either. She’s going to offer a class this summer teaching people to do yoga on a paddleboard, floating on the Schuylkill River.

How much dumber can it get? Who has nothing better to do with their time than float on a river while doing yoga on a board? Not us, that’s for sure. In fact, we don’t know anybody who would want to do that or who would actually pay money to attend such a class.

I guess we just aren’t urban enough because we don’t understand why anyone would perform yoga on a paddleboard at all. If you understand it, please feel free to explain it to us.

Source: We tried it: Stand-up paddleboard yoga with Aqua Vida

Well, the title says it all. When we hear about some of the things people do, we ask each other, “What kind of person would do that?!?” Watching people in the city blare their car horns at people who are just trying to park their cars and are in the way, we ask each other, “What is that person’s problem? She just needs to park her car and the people honking probably get in the way when they are parking too.” The other day while walking on the ant path in Philadelphia (Schuylkill River Path), a bike rider intentionally rode so close to our father and Dink, he practically hit them. There was no reason to because there was no one on the other side of the path. He could have comfortably gone around. They also ring their sissy bells to let all know they are coming so they don’t have to slow down and everyone will clear the path for their almighty selves.

The other day, we saw a bumper sticker on a man’s car. We don’t care for a lot of bumper stickers, but this one was good.

It simply said “Mean People Suck”.¬† There’s not much else to say there because they just do.

Well, the city is doing construction on the Schuylkill River path right next to the dog park. They are building a boardwalk towards South Street and we don’t know what or where else. A lot of progress has been made on the project since the summer and we decided to take a few pictures.

I remember when they were building the dog park. They built a bridge over the train tracks and connected the bridge to the River Path. They put together the two dog pens and the basketball courts and the walkways that wind around the park. We wrote about the construction a long time ago in the articles Construction on the River Path and They Finished Construction – The Dog Park.

We got some more video of the dogs in the dog park since we were there anyway. People seemed to like the last videos of the dogs (Dogs Walking By), so we hope you like this one too!

by Dink

While walking down the Schuylkill River path, we noticed that the two signs that mentioned graffiti (written about in another article (The Skate Park Already Got Vandalized) were recently scribbled all over. It’s a little ironic because the signs were an appeal to stop writing graffiti everywhere.

We were pretty sure this would happen because those two signs directly complained about graffiti. None of the other signs got vandalized, just the two that mentioned graffiti. As soon as you tell vandals not to write graffiti, they will usually do it more, and these signs are a good example. When we first saw these signs, we said, “We should get a picture of these and write an article, then when they get graffiti on them we should take more pictures and put those up, too.” Sure enough, they were vandalized and here are the pictures!

by Dink and John