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We just watched another episode of Swamp People called “Outer Limits”. In this episode, Liz and her daughter had a contest with Glenn and Justin (Liz’s husband) to see who could catch the biggest gator. Liz and Jessica caught a 10′ 8″ gator and Glenn and Justin caught a 9′ 7″ gator, making Liz and Jessica the winners.

In case you missed it, Glenn and Justin started helping Liz and Jessica because they were struggling. A couple of episodes ago they weren’t catching alligators, their engine broke, and Liz had yet another emotional breakdown. In short, their alligator season was falling apart. They had to recruit Glenn and Justin to try and help them fill their tags. With the help of the two men, Liz and Jessica got back on track somewhat and announced that “Women rule the bayou, baby,” and “Women can do anything men can do!” Liz was so proud of Jessica that she remarked, “That’s what I call a real woman!”

We are almost 100% nauseated by these two females – no wait – we are 100% nauseated by these two females. To point out the obvious: if women ruled the bayou, baby, why did they have to call on two men to help them? If women can do anything men can do, why were they having an emotional breakdown on every show and finding themselves helpless and crying on the show before Liz went to her husband to ask him to drop his shrimping business to help her gator hunting? It was sickening to see how happy they were with themselves, obviously not noticing the fact that without Glenn and Justin, they would probably be boo-hooing in their boat again in between cussing each other out and then hugging and making up.

Oh yeah, women rule the bayou, baby.  “I’m scared, Mom.”

by Dink and John

Today we watched episode 11 of the fifth season of Swamp People, entitled, “Hexed.” It was called this because Rodger Rivers went to a pond called Devil’s Ditch. This pond is thought to be cursed, and at the beginning of the episode, Rodger was talking about how he didn’t believe in curses, but by the end of the show, he was saying he thought Devil’s Ditch really was cursed.  It was also called this because Junior and his new partner Dougie experienced a strange fish kill that prevented gators from biting their lines. Fish kills usually happen in the wake of a bad storm on the swamp when nitrogen levels are raised in the water. However, the weather had been nice for a while, so the fish were not dying because of a storm. Therefore, the reason for the fish kill was unknown. Also in this episode, Liz and Jessica were on having another emotional breakdown. Their boat broke because they ran into something at a high speed and that damaged their lower unit. Terral was also on, trying to get a raccoon out of his chimney.

We find it funny and annoying how stupid Roger Rivers is. Well, maybe he’s just a little too . . . eager to get the alligator on the end of the line. They only caught two gators in the whole day, but they were very interesting catches. For the first one, Rivers was in the water and eventually had to stab the gator with his knife. For the second one, he jumped in the water and had to quickly shoot him while his partner poked the alligator in the mouth with his pole. Roger Rivers says he isn’t scared of anything and that he could look the devil in the eyes and not be afraid. What an idiot.

Junior and Dougie had a good day, catching sixteen alligators. As for Liz and her daughter, well, it was the same old story. They were just hunting, then something went wrong, and their hunting day turned into a big drama. If they aren’t cussing and getting angry with each other, they are breaking down into tears and it’s real annoying to have to watch. Terral’s situation was pretty funny. A raccoon got into his house and had gotten all the way to the top of his chimney but wasn’t able to get out because a screen was in the way. Terral had to climb up onto the roof and remove the screen in order to get the raccoon out.

This show was pretty good, but we wish they would just show the old people and not make the show so dramatic. We wish they would just show people alligator hunting – like they used to. We don’t need drama on a show where all people do is shoot alligators, in our opinion.

From previous episodes, Jacob got a hook in his thigh and had to go to the hospital to get it out. They cut the hook so they could get it out of his leg. Then they squirted probably some kind of antibiotic through the hole. They showed everything and it was pretty interesting. Troy went hunting with his younger brother, Guy. Holden really looks like his father. Troy said he might be retiring after this season because he was getting too old. Big Foot got a hernia and Junior hurt his back. Last but not least, Bruce brought Tyler back onto the boat with him and had a pretty good day.

Swamp People is one of maybe 3 shows that we watch and we wish History Channel would stop locking the episodes.

Well, we are enjoying Top Shot Season 5 so far. On one of the recent episodes, Joe was eliminated in the crossbow challenge, and we were sorry to see that. Joe reminds us of one of our old friends in the neighborhood and he just seems to be a very live-and-let-live kind of person. Plus, he’s a good shot.

On the latest episode (called Zip or Ship), two people were eliminated in the same show because Top Shot changed things up a little bit. As always, a competitor went home after elimination challenge, but this time, the loser of the individual challenge also went home. It turned out that Adam lost the individual challenge, so he was sent home immediately and Peter faced off against Brian Zins (aka Gunny) in the elimination challenge. The challenge was pretty cool. The shooters traveled down a zip-line chair and had to shoot ten colored glass panes before they reached the end of the line. Peter went first and he was able to hit 9 glass panes, which was a very good run. Unfortunately, Gunny hit all ten so he sent Peter home.

If Gunny had lost to Peter, we would have loved it because it would have been Gary, Peter, Chris, William, and Phil left – and they all seem to be decent people. None of them are bully-types, and we like them all. We don’t like Gunny too much because he seems like a very arrogant kind of person. For instance, he stuck out his tongue at the expert’s advice on the long shot challenge and he didn’t even do well on the challenge. Anyway, since Gunny won, the only people left on the show are Gary, Chris, Phil, William, and Gunny. It is too bad that Peter lost because now we are going to have to continue to look at Gunny’s smug face.

by John and Dink

We recently found out that History Channel is going to be showing Top Shot again this year. This is going to be the 5th season! Top Shot is a show where 16 marksmen compete in challenges to become Top Shot. To earn the title of Top Shot is to be the overall best shooter on the show. There are both team challenges and individual challenges and also all kinds of weapons that range from throwing knives to sniper rifles. We wrote a review about a year ago called Top Shot Review. You can read what we had to say if you want.

We were worried that History Channel wasn’t going to air Top Shot this year because of all the hype about guns. Happily, they are going to show it!

This year, they are bringing back selected contestants from earlier seasons for an All-Stars Top Shot Season. It should be pretty exciting. You can watch the Season 5 sneak peek on History Channel, and if you have never seen the show before, you might want to watch it because we think it’s pretty good! The season premiere is May 29th.

by Dink