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We took a trip up to Philadelphia yesterday and noticed that three new buildings had been erected near the Schuylkill River since last we visited. Mostly what I feel is that more sun will be blocked out and there may be even less parking spots for people with cars, but I may be wrong on both points. At least they are very shiny 🙂

Small update on our seedlings. Here is what they are looking like now:

We started our tomatoes and here is what we have planted (each container has 4 seeds in it):

Super Sauce Tomatoes (6 pots)
Sunchocola Hybrid Tomato (1 pot)
Brandy Boy Hybrid (3 pots)
Cherokee Purple (1 pot)
Kellogg (1 pot)
Juliet (2 pots)

Today we are starting

Elephant Ear Sweet Peppers (1 pot)
Yellow Pear Tomato (1 pot)
Beefsteak Tomato (1 pot)
Roma Tomato (2 pots)
Brunswick Cabbages (3 pots)

That’s about it. Enjoy your weekend!

Yesterday we finally took down our Christmas tree. Yes, it is a little late, but we like to leave them up for as long as possible. This time, maybe it was a little too long. The tree was pretty much falling apart, and we all scratched our hands on the surprisingly dry and prickly needles while taking off the ornaments. We had a large plastic bag to take the tree out of the house neatly, but the needles were so sharp that they tore the bag and it made a mess anyway. And that was the end of our Christmas tree for 2016. Now, in its place, the good old plastic table – for seedlings!

That’s right, we’re getting started on our 2017 garden. Today we planted a whole bunch of peppers:


HEIRLOOM California Wonder (4 peat pots)
Golden Giant 11 Hybrids (4 peat pots)
Heirloom Jalapeno Peppers (4 peat pots)
Sweet Banana Peppers HEIRLOOM (4 peat pots)
Jimmy Nardello HEIRLOOM (4 peat pots)
Espanola Improved Chile Pepper (2 peat pots)
Yellow Cayenne (2 peat pots)
Heirloom Chocolate Beauty Peppers (4 peat pots)

With 3 seeds in each peat pot, theoretically, we could wind up with 84 pepper plants in just this first planting. Many will not make it, though, and even if they did, everyone in our family loves peppers.

So it begins!

It’s now about time to start making plans for the garden! I know, it’s too early and cold to plant seeds outside, but if you start seedlings inside before the season, you are probably thinking about starting fairly soon just like we are.

This year we’re going to germinate our seeds inside mini greenhouses we purchased at Park’s Seeds. In the past, we have put our seeds into biodegradable pods and germinated them in the oven with the oven light on. This worked really well because the oven light provided the perfect amount of heat for quick germination. Sometimes our tomato seeds would germinate practically overnight. Unfortunately, our parents didn’t really like having dirt in the oven or even in the kitchen. And then there was the whole setup we had in our basement with special lighting. The mini greenhouses from Park’s was an investment to keep everything a little tidier and self-contained this year. It’s probably more psychological than anything else…. When the seedlings get big enough, we’ll gradually move them to a mini greenhouse/cold frame outside.

We also bought a few of our favorite seeds from Park’s. We mostly like their Beefmaster, Whopper, and Juliet tomatoes, their broccoli Packman, and their Cucumber Garden Sweet Burpless. We also have some seeds from a company called Guardian. Guardian is a company that sells survival things, seeds included. Our parents have a small business and they used to buy inventory from Guardian, but they felt the company was dishonest so our parents stopped buying and selling Guardian products. We still have a very small supply of Guardian seeds left, and we’re going to see if they actually work. They were packaged in 2011 and they are supposed to be good for at least 4 years after that. We are going to see if their “survival” seeds would really help a person survive.

Anyway, if you are starting any gardening projects soon, we wish you the best of luck!