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Today, I saw some things on a person’s car which really annoy me. Stick figures on the left and a “Kids on Board” sticker on the right.


The stickers bother me because I don’t understand them. I don’t understand why people want to share the number of people in their family with outsiders, most of whom do not care about their family in any kind of personal way.

The Kids on Board sticker bothers me because I don’t understand what people are supposed to do with the information that “kids are on board”. People do not drive carefully so that you stay safe and so that your car remains undamaged. If a person drives carefully, it is so that they arrive at their destination unharmed and so that their cars are not damaged. If a person is a rude and reckless driver, cutting people off, speeding, tailgating, etc., I doubt if a car sticker suggesting safe driving around the special car with special people in it will encourage better behavior.

So, like I said, I don’t understand what we are supposed to do with the information that “kids are on board”. We aren’t going to drive any more carefully than we already are; it’s your job to keep your kids safe, not ours.

This sticker bothers us so much, that Dink & I already wrote about it years ago here.

If anyone understands why people put these stickers on their cars, please inform us.

In 2012, Michael Phelps told the Wall Street Journal, when asked, that he urinates in pools. He also said that “I think everybody pees in the pool,” and “It’s kind of a normal thing to do for swimmers.” He also said that, “Chlorine kills it, so it’s not bad.”

Before I say very politely that that is disgusting, I should mention that the American Chemical Society says that Phelps’s quote that “chlorine kills it, so it’s not bad” is false. Peeing in a pool is, in fact, harmful. I won’t go into all the detail that the article I’m reading does, but from what I can tell, the chemical reactions that occur when you pee in a chlorine-treated pool create toxic gasses.

Aside from the health issues, I really hope that not everybody thinks like Michael Phelps! I know that the members of our family don’t use the pool instead of a toilet, not because we knew all the medical issues with it, but because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s disgusting! In an ocean, it’s gross enough, but there is a lot more water. In addition, all the sea creatures have to pee somewhere. But peeing in a pool is a bit of a different story.

This kind of makes you want to stay out of public pools, huh?

Despicable Liar

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Today, Dink came home from work and reported that a new person who has been working at the restaurant had a sly plan. Her sly plan was to intentionally not do her job and to eventually get fired.

She wanted to get fired so that she could sue the white restaurant managers for being racist. Unfortunately, she tried to convince a loyal employee to join her in her ingenious and original little ploy and that loyal employee reported the plan to the managers. The managers promptly called the owner who promptly called his lawyer.

What a pathetic little person she is. As we once wrote, liars are losers.


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No. Fifty.

Americans just celebrated the 4th of July, a holiday which some people seemingly celebrate without knowing what they are celebrating.

In the past, we wrote an article about Mark Dice’s interviews with people on the 4th of July. In one particular video he wanted to know things like what country we declared independence from, but most people he interviewed couldn’t even answer that.

As has become somewhat of a tradition, he has again asked random people questions on the holiday. This time, he wanted to know how many stars are on the American flag. Perhaps you should simply observe:

For a while, these videos were rather funny in a sickening sort of way, but this is such basic knowledge for an American that it’s just pathetic and disgusting that some people could not answer the question correctly. As usual, there was a foreigner who knew the answer while most of the Americans who were questioned had no idea.

So remember, if you ever get asked, there are 52 stars on the American flag 🙂

Just this past week, both of our sisters’ cars were damaged by another person who left no note and left the scene.

What is it with people hitting your car, banging their car doors into them, and driving away? Who are these people?

One sister got her mirror knocked off – talk about cutting it close. Our other sister had her rear bumper smashed. Our mother is constantly getting scratches, bumps, etc. on her car. It even looks like people put very heavy items on top of her car and then DRAG them across the top leaving behind some ugly scratches.
Our parents tell us that when they were growing up, if you so much as tapped another person’s car, you left a note with your name and telephone number confessing what you had done, with the intention of paying for any damage you may have caused.

I wish everyone would try harder to be a decent person. I mean if you do any kind of damage to someone else’s property, you have to make it right; you have to pay for the damages if the owner wants anything fixed. Jeez – even a sincere apology would be nice.

So again – who are these people? What kind of jerk hits another person’s car and drives away?


I found this picture on the internet, but like most sayings, I have to wonder if it is just supposed to sound good or if it is actually true.