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Well, we weren’t going to watch Swamp People anymore because there got to be too many people we didn’t enjoy watching or listening to. Then we heard that this was the last season and also that a few of the people we didn’t like were not invited back on this year.

So… you guessed it. We are watching the final season of Swamp People and even though we’re starting late, we’ll be caught up before long.

The first episode was entitled “High Water Hell” because the water in the swamp was a lot higher than normal at the beginning of the season. This was bad because the big gators had a lot more space to roam around in looking for things to eat.

Anyway, not much happening in this show besides more theatrics. Ron got a new puppy and this threw Bruce into a tizzy because he was still feeling bad about losing Tyler. The natives were annoying as usual with their mumbo-jumbo “praying” and superstition. They decided to go into Troy’s territory and catch the large gators Troy couldn’t because they had an airboat. They caught 40 gators in one day and think they stole the title of “King of the Swamp” away from Troy, but no, they didn’t. They did, however, win the “Most Annoying and Nauseating Swampers of The Year” award.

Liz & company were kicked off the show, thank goodness. David & Jeromy were not invited back as well.

Not sure why some of us felt compelled to watch the show. Once upon a time we liked it, but after all, it’s pretty boring after 6 seasons 🙂

At this point, nearing the end of the sixth season of Swamp People, a show we’ve been watching ever since the first season, we’ve finally had enough. We enjoyed it for a long time, but at around season 3 they started introducing some people we didn’t like and, more importantly, things that took away from the show in general.

It was like they were trying to make it too epic or something like that. They showed birds flying away after somebody shot an alligator, they started using ridiculous phrases to describe alligators (blood-thirsty demon, crazed colossus, etc.), and more. It made us not like the show as much, but we still watched it.

At the end of the sixth season, we’ve decided we’ll not be watching Swamp People anymore. They’re trying too hard at this point, and it’s really not enjoyable. It was good while it lasted, though.

Goodbye, Swamp People!

We watch Swamp People every week. Yes, it is repetitive and yes, it is sickening sometimes. We still like to see Troy and his family, Bruce and Ron, and Junior and Willie mostly.

What has gotten a little sickening is the narrator. We suppose he is having a hard time to think of what to call the next alligator someone catches, because some of the names just sound ridiculous.

Here are a few from the most recent episodes (mostly):

Devious fiend, 400 lb predatory reptile, the monster, ruthless beast, furious creature, defiant behemoth, powerful reptile, indestructible reptile, devious beast, violent behemoth, rabid reptile, deadly reptile, deranged gator, powerful predator, crafty gator, shrewd gator, monstrous gator, furious monster, powerful predator,….

Well, you get the idea. The narrator says these names with as much excitement and suspense as he can muster up and well, it’s pretty lame.

On “The Phantom” episode, Glenn and Liz’s two sons shot a lot of blackbirds. We were thinking the scene with the birds dead on the ground was probably why each show begins with the warning: “Some Images May Be Disturbing. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.” We could imagine some people being real upset about it because truthfully, it even kind of upset us.

Anyway, Swamp People isn’t what it used to be in Season 1, but we still watch it and enjoy parts of it.

Yesterday’s episode of Swamp People was not the last in season 6 but the one in which the winner of the bounty was announced. Today we watched it, and it was pretty close. First of all, RJ got a secondary prize of Louisiana blue crabs for having caught the alligator with the most girth. Jay Paul and he caught an 11′ 5″, 800 pound gator up in Mississippi, but it wasn’t the longest, just the fattest.

Most of the other hunters entered something, but Liz and Justin were in 1st place coming in on the last day, with an entry of 11′ 9″. Troy went hunting with his younger brother, Guy, on the last day. They were hunting on property that used to be Junior’s (Troy outbid him and so that land will be Troy’s to hunt on for the next 5 years). There, they caught an alligator that won them $10,000. It was 11′ 10″. He’s upholding his reputation as “King of the Swamp” 🙂

We did feel pretty badly for Junior, though, because he lost the land he used to hunt on and it has big gators on it.

And then, there were Jeromy and David. They were also hunting in Mississippi, and they caught a huge gator there. They measured it in their boat to be 12′ 5″. However, on their way back, they got lost in the unfamiliar swamp. Then they got their bearings but then had to find a different way out due to the fallen water level (whereupon Jeromy commented that he’d rather be kicked between the legs than have that happen to them). Then they had to stop for ice so that their alligator would not  get completely ruined in the heat. And then David drove 50 mph back to the buyer’s, because he wanted to get there safely.

Well, they arrived well after dark, after everyone had already celebrated and left.

They would have easily won the bounty with their 12.5′ gator. Oh well, though, that’s the way the cookie crumbles :/

So that was the $10,000 Bounty for the Biggest Gator, but the season continues on. Congratulations, Troy 🙂

After watching Swamp People episode 11 of season 6 called “Blood Moon”, three more people have bounty entries with only 24 hours left to go before the contest is over.

Liz and Justin were on this episode and brought in an 11’9″ alligator, beating their last entry by 1/2″.

Too bad for them, but R.J. and Jay Paul got an alligator that wasn’t measured yet, but that they seemed to feel was a great entry, and Jeromy and David caught a huge one which they measured in their boat right away. They measured it to be approximately 12′ 5″.

Both R.J./Jay Paul and David/Jeromy traveled to Mississippi to hunt since hunters are allowed to hunt all through the night. Since gators are active during the night, both parties felt like they’d have a good chance…. and they both did.

So unless someone catches something really huge in the next day, it looks like Jeromy and David have the best chance of winning.

Here are the top entries before the contest is over after next week’s episode:

Junior Edwards – 11′ 6.5″
Joe and Tommy – 10′ even
Liz & husband – 11′ 9″
Jacob & Chase – 11′ 2″
Troy & “Holdy” – 11′ 4″
David & Jeromy – 12′ 5″ (still needs to be measured at Johnny’s)
RJ & Jay Paul – have an entry, but still needs to be measured

Swamp People airs on History Channel at 9/8 Central Time and is an entertaining diversion.