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Survivorman Show Review

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Reviews
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Survivorman is a show where Les Stroud (he calls himself “Survivorman”) goes out into the wild where no one else is and survives there for 7 days. He films the whole episode by himself. He goes into places like the a Georgian Swamp, the Kalahari Desert, and a Canadian Forest. His camera crew drops him off and then he is on his own until they pick him up seven days later.

While Survivorman is surviving, he usually eats a lot of plants and berries and sometimes he catches small animals. He also usually sets up a shelter of some kind, depending on what environment he’s in. Survivorman is VERY good at surviving because he knows a lot of plants that you can eat and he also knows a lot of survival tricks. This show is very entertaining and on a scale from one to ten I would rate it a ten and Dink would rate it ten as well.

by John

Last night we watched the last episode of Swamp People where Liz, RJ and Jay Paul, and Troy tagged out. Unfortunately, Bruce wasn’t able to tag out, but he tried really hard. He just had a really bad season apparently. This episode was a very good one, but we didn’t like the fact that they were turning the show into a contest between RJ and Troy. RJ was trying to earn the title “King of the Swamp” by catching 500 alligators in the whole season. It’s really cool that he was able to catch that many alligators in just thirty days, but we still think that Troy should be the king of the swamp because his last gator was 13′ 7”, and RJ’s was 13′. Also, Troy caught 470 gators total, which is only 30 less gators than RJ. Troy took a whole day off to help a buddy and we think that counts for a lot too because he did it in the last week of the season. He knew it meant he might not tag out, but it was more important to him to help another person than to help himself.

We don’t like the fact that RJ is always saying he’s the king of the swamp. He might just be joking, but we don’t know for sure and we like Troy so we don’t like RJ saying he’s better than him. RJ also sometimes brags about himself but I think he’s definitely joking then because he’s always smiling like he’s being joking.

The show never said who was the king of the swamp. I guess they left that up to the watcher to decide. To us, Troy’s the King of the Swamp, but we hope they quit making the show a competition. It isn’t necessary and it kind of ruins the show.

by Dink and John

The most recent episode of Swamp People was pretty good because they had Glenn and Mitchell on again! It’s always good to see what good ol’ Glenn and Mitchel are up to.

Today they were moving a relative’s houseboat through the water to a new location. They dragged the houseboat through the water by pulling it with two boats, one on each side of the houseboat. Halfway through the trip, one of the engines cut off because it ran out of gas. The houseboat started spinning around in circles because the other engine was still going and it was very funny to see. It’s a good thing they had an extra gas tank or they would have had a problem. The last time they had engine problems, they had to use an oar to get back to their house, which was about 5 miles away. Oh well, I’m sure that wasn’t the first time that happened to them. Anyway, their relative gave them smoked garfish in return for moving his houseboat but unfortunately they never showed them eating it. I guess they have too many things to show in forty-five minutes. Dink and I still think that they should have a separate show for Glenn and Mitchell.

The other people were just hunting alligators, which is always fun to watch. On this particular episode, Liz, Troy, and R.J. are all hunting down a particular gator and they all get them in the end. Liz’s alligator was 12 feet 4 inches and R.J.’s was about 12 feet long as well; however, they never showed how long Troy’s alligator, named “King Tut”, was which was kind of disappointing. Again, they probably had too much material and couldn’t fit it all in.

As Jay Paul said in one of his tweets, there are too many cast members.


by John and Dink

On the latest episode on Swamp People, Willie Edwards and his dad Junior were hunting in different boats in order to catch more alligators. Willie was hunting with his brother Randy and his dad was hunting with Malcolm. The treble hook is an Edwards’ family tradition that they use to catch gators in open water. They throw the hook in open water at where they think a gator is, and that way they can catch live alligators in open water, pull them in, and shoot them. The treble hook is just a homemade hook with three hooks firmly cemented into a case filled with hardened lead. Well, Junior said Willie couldn’t have a treble hook that day and that he wanted Willie to catch gators by hooking them on a baited line. So Willie didn’t have a treble hook to hunt with, and he wasn’t happy. So what did he do? He went home and made a new treble hook. He caught some good-sized alligators with his treble hook but unfortunately, they didn’t show Junior’s reaction when he came home to hear that Willie had just made a treble hook because he wouldn’t give him one. We thought it was really funny that he just made another one after Junior told him he couldn’t have one. If you want to watch, go to the History Channel where a new Swamp People episode plays every Thursday at 9/8 (central).

by John

One night while we were on vacation, we were flipping through channels on T.V. and we saw something that we thought we might like. It’s a show called Swamp People, and it’s about people who hunt alligators for money and to keep the population of the gators in check, or else the people who live in Louisiana might be in danger of being attacked. They earn most of their money from gator hunting. We watched it a lot, and found out that it comes on on Thursdays at 9/8 c.

We still watch it every week and the show probably would get boring if all the gator hunters did was hunt, but they do a lot more than that. They also hunt frogs and snakes and last week two brothers named Glen and Mitchell went into the swamp to get a cypress log to fix their front porch. Occasionally it shows them getting together with their friends and family to celebrate catching a big gator. That makes the show very interesting, and it’s also pretty amazing that the hunters can catch alligators up to 13 feet long. It’s also amazing that the gators can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The hunters must be really good shots, because they have to hit a quarter sized kill spot in order to kill the gators, and they are always thrashing around. They sometimes snipe the gators in open water and then rush over there to pull them into the boat. This show is very entertaining, and if the History Channel keeps on putting it up, we’ll keep watching. I would rate this show on a scale of one to ten a 10 and so would Dink. If you want to watch, go to the History Channel where a new show plays every Thursday at 9/8(central).

by John