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We don’t eat candy that much, but we do store a lot for when we want some. We like a large variety, and one kind of candy we like is Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints. These mints are very small, so if you want something little, you can just eat two or three of these and it’ll be enough. The dimensions are approximately 1 1/4  inches across and 1/8 inch thick. If y0u want to try these, click here.

A funny part about this product is it says on the box “All Natural”, and we thought that was kind of weird because on the list of ingredients, it says that the product has corn syrup and other things in it. That right there shows you it is by no means all natural, because corn syrup is not natural, unless they have a corn syrup bush or something. Either they’re lying, or they have a different definition of natural. Come to think of it, what does “all natural” mean?

Anyway, these mints are really good. They are very minty and cool and they are also kind of chewy. We like them a lot and on a scale from one to ten, I would rate them a 9 and a half and Dink would rate them a 9.

by John