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Some people call Philadelphia “The City of Brotherly Love”. Others call it “Filthadelphia”. We think it was mostly Filthadelphia this past week. It was warm and humid. The trash cans were stewing and there was rotting ginkgo fruit under the ginkgo trees (Gumballs and Ginkgo Trees.) Philadelphia is not a clean place.

We read a few days ago that Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia houses a lot of rats, which is probably due to all the restaurants in the area, so we went to see what we could find. We walked around the edge of the park and discovered four large rat holes. We heard that the rats are usually visible in the early morning or at dusk but there have also been some sightings while it was still light outside. We wanted to catch some rats on film, but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Dink did hear something moving around in a trash can a while ago, and now we think that it might have been a rat.

It’s just another reason why we think living in a big city is disgusting.

by Dink