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Yesterday’s episode of Swamp People was not the last in season 6 but the one in which the winner of the bounty was announced. Today we watched it, and it was pretty close. First of all, RJ got a secondary prize of Louisiana blue crabs for having caught the alligator with the most girth. Jay Paul and he caught an 11′ 5″, 800 pound gator up in Mississippi, but it wasn’t the longest, just the fattest.

Most of the other hunters entered something, but Liz and Justin were in 1st place coming in on the last day, with an entry of 11′ 9″. Troy went hunting with his younger brother, Guy, on the last day. They were hunting on property that used to be Junior’s (Troy outbid him and so that land will be Troy’s to hunt on for the next 5 years). There, they caught an alligator that won them $10,000. It was 11′ 10″. He’s upholding his reputation as “King of the Swamp” 🙂

We did feel pretty badly for Junior, though, because he lost the land he used to hunt on and it has big gators on it.

And then, there were Jeromy and David. They were also hunting in Mississippi, and they caught a huge gator there. They measured it in their boat to be 12′ 5″. However, on their way back, they got lost in the unfamiliar swamp. Then they got their bearings but then had to find a different way out due to the fallen water level (whereupon Jeromy commented that he’d rather be kicked between the legs than have that happen to them). Then they had to stop for ice so that their alligator would not  get completely ruined in the heat. And then David drove 50 mph back to the buyer’s, because he wanted to get there safely.

Well, they arrived well after dark, after everyone had already celebrated and left.

They would have easily won the bounty with their 12.5′ gator. Oh well, though, that’s the way the cookie crumbles :/

So that was the $10,000 Bounty for the Biggest Gator, but the season continues on. Congratulations, Troy 🙂

That’s right! Swamp People season 6 began last night with “Bounty on the Bayou”. I’m not even going to put a link to the articles we’ve written about it, because we have so many. Just search, “Swamp People,” on our home page, and you will be bombarded. Anyway, Swamp People has been a show that we’ve watched for a long time, and that we do enjoy. It’s about people in Louisiana who hunt alligators, basically. Over the years, they’ve added people to their cast as well as little things to the show that we don’t like, but in general, we still enjoy watching it. So today, we watched the Season 6 Premier!

Season 6 begins with the narrator announcing that a local alligator buyer put a $10,000 bounty on the biggest gator caught in the 1st 21 days of the season. So everybody was trying to catch big alligators from the beginning. I’m wondering if History Channel came up with that or if the buyer actually did that of his own accord. In any case, there is a reward for the hunter who can catch the biggest alligator.

All of the old hunters are still there, such as Bruce, Junior, and Troy. Last year, Troy was talking about quitting, but I guess he changed his mind. Junior is hunting with his wife, and Troy is hunting with his nephew, Holden. People were already entering gators to win the prize, and so far Junior has the biggest one. R.J. and Jay Paul brought a 10′ 5″ gator in, Troy came in with one that was 10′ 10″, and Junior had an 11′ 6.5″ alligator.

The cool thing about Troy’s gator is that Holden fought with it and Troy shot it. It was the 1st gator Holden pulled up and kept up until it was killed. It was a pretty amazing alligator to be one’s first. Junior went all out to get his. He did a great job; he also looks like he lost a lot of weight.

Anyway, so Junior is in the lead so far, but the contest isn’t over yet!

Swamp People airs on Mondays on History Channel at 9/8 central, if you have any interest in watching. Last year they always had the episodes locked which was a bummer. This year it isn’t locked, but you have to wait for a lot of annoying commercials during the show.

UPDATE: They are locking the episodes again much to our dismay. If we find a good source to watch for free, we’ll let you know!

We just watched another episode of Swamp People called “Outer Limits”. In this episode, Liz and her daughter had a contest with Glenn and Justin (Liz’s husband) to see who could catch the biggest gator. Liz and Jessica caught a 10′ 8″ gator and Glenn and Justin caught a 9′ 7″ gator, making Liz and Jessica the winners.

In case you missed it, Glenn and Justin started helping Liz and Jessica because they were struggling. A couple of episodes ago they weren’t catching alligators, their engine broke, and Liz had yet another emotional breakdown. In short, their alligator season was falling apart. They had to recruit Glenn and Justin to try and help them fill their tags. With the help of the two men, Liz and Jessica got back on track somewhat and announced that “Women rule the bayou, baby,” and “Women can do anything men can do!” Liz was so proud of Jessica that she remarked, “That’s what I call a real woman!”

We are almost 100% nauseated by these two females – no wait – we are 100% nauseated by these two females. To point out the obvious: if women ruled the bayou, baby, why did they have to call on two men to help them? If women can do anything men can do, why were they having an emotional breakdown on every show and finding themselves helpless and crying on the show before Liz went to her husband to ask him to drop his shrimping business to help her gator hunting? It was sickening to see how happy they were with themselves, obviously not noticing the fact that without Glenn and Justin, they would probably be boo-hooing in their boat again in between cussing each other out and then hugging and making up.

Oh yeah, women rule the bayou, baby.  “I’m scared, Mom.”

by Dink and John

Well, for all of you Swamp People fans out there, we collected a few quotes from David and Jeromy from Episode 3 called “Gator Jacked” (called so because thieves were cashing in on the swampers’ gators) just in case you missed it.

Before we get to those quotes though, Troy (called “Nunky” by Holden) and Holden had a great day. We think it’s so funny when Troy catches so many big gators that his boat looks like it is going to sink any minute. That was the case this time again and as they drove to the buyer’s at the end of the day, Troy was going real slow so as to stay above water.

Anyway, in this episode, Jeromy and David were on again and this time, it seems like they’re trying a little bit too hard with the weird quotes. It is possible that the television station is asking them to do that. In any case, here  are the quotes:

Jeromy: I’m fired up like a Tonka truck ready to get it.

Jeromy: Man, it is unbearable hot our here. I ain’t sweated this much since I said, “I do.”

Jeromy (after seeing a dead alligator going to waste in the water): That’s somebody that…didn’t have their mom and daddy whip their butt when they was growing up. That’s what that is.

Jeromy (getting to what he thought was way in the back Mr. Jimmy’s property): Alligator paradise. These alligators ain’t even never seen a person. I feel a little more confident. I’m startin’ to grin like a possum eatin’ cow crap.

Some of Jeromy’s efforts worked, and some of them didn’t…

Episode 4 was called “Gravedigger” (a gator was named Gravedigger by Roger Rivers because according to him, he had dug his own grave by being a cannibal gator who had also bent one of his No. 14 hooks). Roger Rivers is really annoying. He thinks way too much of himself and way too much about what he is doing. After all, he is just hunting alligators. History Channel must be trying to find the dumbest swampers so that their audience can laugh at how stupid they are. Troy was too smart. Willie and Junior were too smart. Bruce was too smart, etc. So they are having to find people who will bring them all down. Roger Rivers would be just the person to do that.

Junior’s new partner, at least until Theresa heals up, is named Dougie. He is pretty weird and Junior made a lot of funny faces, but in the end, they made a good team and Dougie did a great job. Willie came over to Junior’s house to check him out and they met again at the end of the day at the buyer’s. Willie, who has struck out on his own, only got 2 gators so Junior was happy since Dougie and he got 12.

Bruce had a bad day, forgetting his tags and having to go back home to retrieve them. Then, when he got back on the water, the tide had gone out and his bait was hanging too high. He was all alone because Ron was hung up with some family business and Tyler, his dog, is getting too old to go out with Bruce.

Swamp People is still a great show (for people who like this sort of thing), but some of the people make us kind of sick. Just give us Troy, Junior and Willie, Glenn, Bruce – all of the old people. They were the best. If you want to watch videos of Swamp People, here is a link to

On the latest show of Swamp People, they finally showed who won the bet between T-roy and Bigfoot, and Troy and Brandon. The bet was for who could catch the biggest alligator. If Troy caught the bigger gator, then he would get one of T-roy’s $3000 alligator scabbards (made from the hide of a big alligator that he caught last year), and if the Texans caught the bigger gator, then Troy would cook them supper. T-roy and Bigfoot were able to bring in an 11 foot 7 inches long alligator on their last day of Louisiana gator hunting. That was their biggest alligator of the season and they were pretty confident that that would beat Troy’s gator.

However, Troy was able to catch a 12 foot long alligator on his last line of the day so Troy won. We were worried that he would feel bad about taking the Texan’s $3000 scabbard, but he did take it. Good for him. After all, the Texans bet on it and a bet is a bet. Troy took the scabbard, but he still invited them over for supper, even though he won the bet. They ate crabs and crawfish stew, which both looked very good. Anyway, we were proud of Troy for taking his prize. While T-roy prepared to give him the scabbard, he said, “Well, Mr. Troy, we lost the bet.” Then, handing over the scabbard, he said,  “This is part of my boat. This is part of my teammate and me. Me and Bigfoot want you to have that.” It was almost like he wanted to make Troy feel guilty for taking it even though he won the bet fair and square. On the other hand, maybe he just wanted to let Troy know how much the scabbard meant to him so that he would take good care of it although I’m sure Troy would have anyway.

by Dink and John