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Well, for all of you Swamp People fans out there, we collected a few quotes from David and Jeromy from Episode 3 called “Gator Jacked” (called so because thieves were cashing in on the swampers’ gators) just in case you missed it.

Before we get to those quotes though, Troy (called “Nunky” by Holden) and Holden had a great day. We think it’s so funny when Troy catches so many big gators that his boat looks like it is going to sink any minute. That was the case this time again and as they drove to the buyer’s at the end of the day, Troy was going real slow so as to stay above water.

Anyway, in this episode, Jeromy and David were on again and this time, it seems like they’re trying a little bit too hard with the weird quotes. It is possible that the television station is asking them to do that. In any case, here  are the quotes:

Jeromy: I’m fired up like a Tonka truck ready to get it.

Jeromy: Man, it is unbearable hot our here. I ain’t sweated this much since I said, “I do.”

Jeromy (after seeing a dead alligator going to waste in the water): That’s somebody that…didn’t have their mom and daddy whip their butt when they was growing up. That’s what that is.

Jeromy (getting to what he thought was way in the back Mr. Jimmy’s property): Alligator paradise. These alligators ain’t even never seen a person. I feel a little more confident. I’m startin’ to grin like a possum eatin’ cow crap.

Some of Jeromy’s efforts worked, and some of them didn’t…

Episode 4 was called “Gravedigger” (a gator was named Gravedigger by Roger Rivers because according to him, he had dug his own grave by being a cannibal gator who had also bent one of his No. 14 hooks). Roger Rivers is really annoying. He thinks way too much of himself and way too much about what he is doing. After all, he is just hunting alligators. History Channel must be trying to find the dumbest swampers so that their audience can laugh at how stupid they are. Troy was too smart. Willie and Junior were too smart. Bruce was too smart, etc. So they are having to find people who will bring them all down. Roger Rivers would be just the person to do that.

Junior’s new partner, at least until Theresa heals up, is named Dougie. He is pretty weird and Junior made a lot of funny faces, but in the end, they made a good team and Dougie did a great job. Willie came over to Junior’s house to check him out and they met again at the end of the day at the buyer’s. Willie, who has struck out on his own, only got 2 gators so Junior was happy since Dougie and he got 12.

Bruce had a bad day, forgetting his tags and having to go back home to retrieve them. Then, when he got back on the water, the tide had gone out and his bait was hanging too high. He was all alone because Ron was hung up with some family business and Tyler, his dog, is getting too old to go out with Bruce.

Swamp People is still a great show (for people who like this sort of thing), but some of the people make us kind of sick. Just give us Troy, Junior and Willie, Glenn, Bruce – all of the old people. They were the best. If you want to watch videos of Swamp People, here is a link to

On the last episode of Swamp people, called Breaking Point, Willie left his dad and boat partner Junior Edwards because Junior accidentally shot him again. Well, he didn’t exactly shoot Willie. Some lead fragments went into Willie’s chest, arm, and lip. And not surprisingly, Willie wasn’t happy. None of the other hunters ever get hit, but this is the second time (that we know of) that Willie has. Junior never seems to be very bothered when he pops Willie either. Maybe if he showed a little remorse, Willie could deal with it better.

Well, at the end of the show, Willie goes to Junior’s house with his brother Randy. Willie tells Junior that he isn’t going to continue hunting with him. It was probably really hard for Willie to do that since he does love his dad, but he probably felt that it wasn’t working out too well and that he needed to make a change.

We hope the show will continue having Willie on even if he isn’t with his dad and we hope that Junior will be able to tag out alone or with a new partner.

This episode also featured some fighting between Jacob and Chase. Chase was around an hour late meeting up with Jacob who wanted to get an early start on the day. Jacob had to wait at the gas station for his brother to show up and Troy was there to remind Jacob of the times that he was late. So Jacob was kind of annoyed to begin with. Then, after they hooked their first gator, Chase celebrated after Jacob shot it without 1st getting it into the boat because he thought it was dead (it wasn’t) and they subsequently lost it. Then they really had some words with each other! There were a lot of these in the subtitles: “@#$?!&*@@!!”.

Later, they saw a big one in open water and Chase tried to hit it with a scoped rifle but missed . . . and missed . . . and missed . . . meanwhile Jacob was looking at his watch and rolling his eyes. After Chase ran out of all the bullets in his clip, he told Jacob to try to hit it. Jacob upped the ante by saying that he was going to hit it holding his rifle with one hand – and he did! Jacob didn’t even have a scope on his rifle. Chase was truly impressed and humbled by his big brother and they got along for the rest of the day. Jacob is pretty cool and so is Chase.

The episode is called “Breaking Point” because at this stage in the season, the hunters are getting tired and when they hit troubles in their day, well, they get to their breaking point.

by Dink

Well, on this episode, David and Jeromy made another appearance. Once again, they went through a lot of fanfare and once again, they caught just one small gator. They had to walk a small canoe out to their hunting spot after they cut and stripped about 10 bamboo canes. Since the boat was so small and could easily capsize, Jeromy did not bring his musket – just his knife. We realized today that we just can’t understand Jeromy very well and that it isn’t because he has tobacco stuck in his mouth. Anyway, they seemed content even though they only caught one gator. Maybe they only have 15 tags for the season…or maybe they are just really simple people.

Junior and Willie were out together and that’s good because they are 2 of our favorite people. Junior shot a gator and they brought it into the boat, but then they discovered it was still alive. It bit Willie and tore the flesh on all the fingers on his left hand. It also broke his left big toe. They had to go back home to get Willie patched up by his mom, but then they were right back out again and Willie pulled in a gator with one arm. We like Willie a lot because he’s tough and we like Junior a lot because he is funny.

Liz and her daughter were back on. Thankfully, Liz did not “sing”. One thing about this pair is, we are tired of hearing their dirty mouths. They cuss a lot more than any of the other hunters.

Last week, they introduced a new pair: Tom Candies and ZZ Loupe. ZZ is an immature 16 year old male who has his shorts on way too tight and way too short. That, together with his go-go boots, his pony tail hair, and him pretending to fly as Tom’s boat speeds around the swamp makes a rather nauseating picture. Tom is really nice and he wanted to train up ZZ because ZZ is the grandson of Tom’s mentor – the man who taught Tom everything about alligator hunting and probably more. But we don’t think ZZ is very worthy, at this point in his life, of Tom’s efforts. He doesn’t listen to Tom’s directions which is stupid since Tom knows better than he does. A kid who doesn’t listen is a dumb kid.

Lastly, Chase and Jacob had a good day. They make a good team and they are decent and good people. And that figures, since they are Troy’s sons.

They have a lot of new people on the show this year and we miss seeing Joe and Tommy and Mitchell. Luckily, some of our favorites are still on and luckily, they show Troy and his family on almost every episode. If you haven’t seen the show and you get bored, you can watch it right on your computer at the History Channel’s website.

by John and Dink

On the latest episode on Swamp People, Willie Edwards and his dad Junior were hunting in different boats in order to catch more alligators. Willie was hunting with his brother Randy and his dad was hunting with Malcolm. The treble hook is an Edwards’ family tradition that they use to catch gators in open water. They throw the hook in open water at where they think a gator is, and that way they can catch live alligators in open water, pull them in, and shoot them. The treble hook is just a homemade hook with three hooks firmly cemented into a case filled with hardened lead. Well, Junior said Willie couldn’t have a treble hook that day and that he wanted Willie to catch gators by hooking them on a baited line. So Willie didn’t have a treble hook to hunt with, and he wasn’t happy. So what did he do? He went home and made a new treble hook. He caught some good-sized alligators with his treble hook but unfortunately, they didn’t show Junior’s reaction when he came home to hear that Willie had just made a treble hook because he wouldn’t give him one. We thought it was really funny that he just made another one after Junior told him he couldn’t have one. If you want to watch, go to the History Channel where a new Swamp People episode plays every Thursday at 9/8 (central).

by John