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Two Possibilities Eliminated

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Dink's Drawings

This year, Dink took a graphic design class because he thought it might be a potential career. It’s the end of the semester, and he’s finished all of his major assignments. We wanted to show some of his work, because a lot of it is very nice. He did about four big graphic design projects; a design for a page in a magazine, a webpage design, a story board, and a design for an ad campaign.

The magazine and webpage designs are pretty self-explanatory, but the story board is less so. It’s a short story told in three pictures. The ad campaign is for eggs. There was an ad campaign back in the day called “the incredible edible egg.” He made some designs based on that campaign. My personal favorite is the story board. It’s quite witty, seeing how the cat saves his mouse enemy’s life by knocking the cup over.

Dink also decided that he doesn’t want to do graphic design or animation. He thinks he isn’t good enough for graphic design and he won’t get a job doing animation. So he’s now majoring in chemistry. What’s he going to do with that? He doesn’t know 🙂

My last day of art class was on May 11 and there are a few leftover drawings that we haven’t put up until now. The above drawings are examples of landscapes which I drew on toned paper. I used colored pencil and most of them turned out alright. The great thing about landscape drawing is that it gives you the power to capture the essence of a particular place. For instance, one of the drawings above is based off a photo from our vacation last year, and when I look at it, it brings back memories from the trip. Landscape drawings can be used as a kind of artistic journal in a way.

The two drawings below are from my sketchbook. The one with the plants focuses on backlighting. When an object is backlit, it means that most of the light is coming from behind. The other one is really just a study on feet. There’s really not too much to say there.


Dink has an assignment where he has to draw any 8 things that he wants. It’s a pretty relaxed assignment, and so far he has drawn some pretty cool things. We’ve already shown some of his drawings from April, but he’s drawn some new things and I thought they were worth putting up.

As always, any comments are appreciated and welcomed.

Last week Dink did some drawings of faces of Japanese people, and I think they look really good so I thought I’d put them up for you to see. You can hardly tell they’re a drawing in my opinion.

Then he did a couple of sketchbook drawings : his knife and 3 eggs. He likes drawing things on crumpled paper or fabric. I personally would not enjoy all the shading I’d have to do , but then again, I don’t particularly enjoy drawing that much.

Hope you enjoy looking at these!

Here are a few sketches I did for my art course: Basic Drawing.

I have been enrolled in a General Engineering program in college, but I decided I would rather do something in the art field, possibly animation. So, I get to take a lot more art courses and I will be amassing my work into a portfolio. Hopefully, one day I will be accepted into a great art school somewhere!

Comments are welcome, by the way. Thanks!