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SAM_4911We have officially begun to cook and prepare for Thanksgiving! Right now, we’re making all the pies (of which there are many, but the picture doesn’t show all of them) and are going to decorate the house soon. This year, Dink, Niles, and I are responsible for making breakfast for tomorrow and one of the things we are going to make will be a Cranberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

At our table, our turkey candle holder will be holding a red Bluecorn Naturals pure beeswax taper candle. Bluecorn Naturals is a candle company located in Colorado. They make all kinds of great 100% pure beeswax candles – tea lights, votives, tapers, pillars, travel tins, aromatherapy candles, gift sets, and more. We personally love these candles and think they are the best for beeswax candle lovers. Their website is:

We’re having fun preparing for Thanksgiving, and we hope you are too!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving! We hope it’s a good one!

We got some pictures of all our pies and other stuff so that this wouldn’t be a completely empty article. We hope you like them!

~Dink and John~

Today, our mom and dad went to the store and got among other things some pre-cut Thanksgiving cookies with designs on them. It doesn’t take much work to bake them, and we thought we might as well get in the mood for Thanksgiving. So our mom baked them, and they are pretty good. This is what they look like.

There was a lot of extra dough without paint on them, so we actually had to shape those. Still, it wasn’t much work and they’re pretty good. We never get these, but we wanted to get in the mood for Thanksgiving, so we got them. Now we’re ready in every way for Thanksgiving now!

by John

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Articles

Thanksgiving is on November 22 and we can hardly wait! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year. We like the holiday because our family all comes together and we can have a nice time and also because we get to eat awesome food. When we were younger, we made arts and crafts on Thanksgiving. We would wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, and then make arts and crafts while our mom gets the food ready. We always made a headband called that we called Turkey Hats. They were basically bands that went around our foreheads, but they had a turkey head shape in the front and tail feathers in the back. The head, band, and tail feathers were all made out of construction paper and were held together with staples. As all of my siblings got older, just Dink, my father, and me would wear them and we still do! Sometimes Niles will too, just for fun.

Another one of our favorite arts and crafts to make was place markers. We would print a Thanksgiving picture off of the internet and then color and laminate it. We used them to mark what place each person was to sit at the table, and they were also fun to make. We still use them to mark where we are going to sit. We made placemats too, and these were and are our favorites to make. Everyone also writes down 2 things they are thankful for on a paper leaf (or something – depends on the year) and we hang them on the wall. Well, we can hardly wait for Thanksgiving. I know it is still a pretty long way away, but it is one of our favorite holidays. Here are some pictures that were taken about four years ago. We hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving!

by John