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Will They Never Tire?

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Articles
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There’s a phone scam going around wherein you pick up your phone and a robot asks, “Can you hear me?”

If you make the mistake of answering “Yes” they’ll use the recording of you saying “Yes” to sell you stuff without you being aware of the deceit. They do this by editing the recording and simply inserting your “Yes” when asked if you want whatever it is they are “offering”.

We’ve never gotten a call like this just because we never pick up phone calls from numbers we don’t recognize, but if you haven’t heard of this scam and you’re in the habit of picking up calls from unknown phone numbers, just watch out for this.

And for an update on the silly Safeway Monopoly game, we opened up all of our tickets from the parents’ last grocery trip (they brought home 32 ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and even though we haven’t won any of the prizes on the board, Safeway does include “instant winners” in their tickets sometimes. Sometimes you get some money off something you can buy in their store and sometimes you get an item for free.


So far, the instant winners we have are, among other things, free sour cream, free salt, a discount on batteries and coffee, free bagel or doughnut (2), and a free cooking course.

Who thinks anyone ever wins big?

Oh No, Not Again

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Articles
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dscf3771It appears that Safeway has decided that it’s that time again. Time to break out the old Monopoly game in order to get people to buy more stuff. If you don’t remember how this game works, we wrote about it here. Long story short, the more you buy, the more chance you have of winning one of their prizes, which range from $5 cash to a $1,000,000 vacation home.

And the best part is, you hardly ever get anything, so you end up just getting your hopes up for nothing, only to have them dashed to pieces. Then youย swear that you’re not going to play the little games anymore. But on the slight off-chance that you do get something… You have to try, right?

That’s pretty much how these games go. But we might win something this year. This might be the year, and we’ve got to try. Look forward to hearing about all of our disappointment!

We Might Have Won…

Posted: May 22, 2016 in Articles
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DSCF3345In our area, Safeway’s rendition of the game of Monopoly is over. We were participating pretty much for a while, but after not winning anything but some coffee, we kind of dropped it. We still kept the tickets, though, and they accumulated quite quickly. After a couple of months, we had well over a hundred tickets in a box!

Who knows? We might have won something had we opened them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday was Dink’s nineteenth birthday, but due to our family’s busy schedule, we didn’t celebrate until last night. Yesterday was the day that we ate a dinner and cake with Dink and some members of our family, and he also opened a few presents.

He received a box of his favorite junk food, his “college care package”, a funny t-shirt from Niles, a video game, and best of all, a new Lenovo computer to replace his antiquated one. For supper, Dink wanted to eat a cheeseburger and fries from Five Guys and he wanted a chocolate mocha cake.

In addition, we were “instant winners” in the Safeway Monopoly game ๐Ÿ™‚

We get a free 12 ounce package of Gevalia Ground Coffee (Assorted Varieties).

So even if you don’t feel like sticking game pieces onto the paper board, at least open them up. You may get something you like for free while spending no more money than usual. That’s a good deal!

NOTE: That is not Dink’s normal face. That’s a face he makes sometimes.

Safeway Monopoly – Winning Big!

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Articles
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After Safeway’s very own version of Green Stamps ended, they came out with a new way to get people to spend more money. This is sort of like the Monopoly promotion that McDonald’s did years ago. It’s based off of the game, Monopoly, and when you spend money, you get little stickers that go on a paper board they give you. The groups of stickers go in alphabetical order from A to Z with an addition of ? and $. There are in general four stamps for each letter, and 8 of both ? and $.

Once you collect all the stamps for one letter/symbol, you can redeem it for a prize, anywhere from $25 cash to $1,000,000 cash. There are also occasionally special bonus codes which you can enter on a website and win something.

Upon entering a code we got, we saw this joyous news:

We were very excited to have won something, but when we looked at what we had won, it turned out to only be two extra game tickets. I thought it was kind of a pathetic prize, but oh well, at least it was something.

Anyway, I’m hoping we get the $ prize – $1,000,000. We have only four more stamps to go!

Nothing like hoping to get something for nothing ๐Ÿ™‚