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We watched the first episode of Top Shot season five yesterday but since it wasn’t the most exciting episode ever, we won’t write too much. There were, however, some notable things on this show. First of all, since it is an all-stars season, there aren’t any teams and there is no nomination range. Each of the 16 contestants competed and the top 8 shooters were safe from the possibility of being eliminated. Since there is no nomination range, the method in which a shooter gets eliminated is slightly different. The 8 weakest shooters from the 1st round had to shoot at a target and the two people whose shot was farthest from the bulls-eye went against each other in elimination. This was called the proving ground instead of the nomination range.

It turned out that Gary and Greg went to the elimination challenge. Last year, we really didn’t like Greg and we wrote several articles about that like Greg Little John Fails! and Greg Little John’s Friendship Bracelet. In this episode, though, Greg did pretty poorly in the challenge and was in danger of being sent to the elimination challenge if he didn’t shoot well at the proving ground. Well, his shot went way off on the proving ground so he was sent to elimination. Then, he did really badly in the elimination challenge and was eliminated. He didn’t look too happy and we felt sorry for him because he did so poorly. Last year, we couldn’t wait for Greg Little John to lose, but this year, his weak performance made us feel bad for him.

By the way, people are having a lot of trouble watching Top Shot on the History Channel. We weren’t able to get it on the History Channel either, so we went to the iTunes store and got it there for free. You might want to try this if you are having trouble finding it elsewhere.

by Dink

On the season finale of the fourth season of Top Shot, the final four people left in the house were Augie, Gary, Chris, and Greg. We really didn’t want Greg to win and we didn’t want Augie or Gary to win either. Mostly it was Greg we didn’t want to win. In fact, we were terrified to watch each challenge and practically held our breaths until each was over. We were counting on Chris to win, but we weren’t sure he would be able to pull it off and each time a challenge was over and Chris was still in the game, we would scream a silent “Yes!”,  breath a sigh of relief, and then tense up again for the next challenge.

Anyway, this episode consisted of three challenges. In the first challenge, the competitors competed against each other two at a time. The two losers then faced off against each other and the loser of that went home. The challenge was similar to that of previous Top Shot seasons. There were two dueling trees with three orange-colored disks and three teal colored disks. Each competitor was assigned a color and had to shoot an opposite colored disk to flip it around to their color. At the end of one minute, whoever had the most disks of their color won. It turned out that Augie went home which was fine with us.

The next challenge basically worked like a game of horse. The competitors got to call their target, their weapon, and the distance that they would they be shooting from. You scored a point for each target hit. At the end of six rounds, whoever had the least amount of points went home. Gary went home which meant that only Greg and Chris were left. We knew that Greg had already won multiple elimination challenges and we were really scared that he might win.

The last challenge was also similar to previous Top Shot seasons. There were seven stations and each station had a certain amount of targets. The competitors had to hit all the targets before they moved on to the next station. It was a very, very close race. We were extremely tense because Chris never got a really good lead on Greg. In fact, Greg reached the final station before Chris and we thought that Greg was going to win. But Chris caught up and ended up blowing up the final target before Greg did. How he did it we don’t know. He fired his shot off really fast and HIT THE TARGET!! That was the second time Chris made a great comeback. The other time was when he was shooting against William. When we saw the target blow up, at first we thought that Greg had won, and we were filled with terror. A second later, however, Colby yelled “Chris wins!” and if our neighbors were home, they probably would have heard us screaming for joy because Greg Little John was no more. Chris won!

When we first started watching this episode, we thought that it would be the worst episode ever on Top Shot because we thought Greg might win, but it wound up being the best episode that was ever on Top Shot. Our arch-nemesis lost and we are satisfied.

by Dink

We are getting kind of nervous about watching the next episode of Top Shot because unfortunately Greg is in the final four. We were very hopeful that he would do bad in the individual challenge, get sent to elimination, and then lose the elimination challenge. That didn’t happen. In fact, he did the best out of everybody there and was not even eligible for elimination. But at least the challenge was fun to watch. A machine gun was mounted onto a moving army vehicle and the competitors had to shoot as many targets as they could before they reached the end of the track. They only had a hundred rounds of ammunition which made the challenge even harder. Greg hit eight targets which was better than anybody else did.

At that point we knew Greg wasn’t going home and we hoped that they would vote Augie into elimination against Gary because we don’t really like those two competitors. They wound up voting Augie and the silent assassin (Kyle) into elimination and the silent assassin got eliminated. We really don’t like Augie because he seems a little jerky and we liked the silent assassin a lot. At this point, we are really worried that Greg might win Top Shot. The season finale comes on the History Channel next Tuesday at 10/9 central in case you want to watch. We’re not so sure we want to in case Greg wins. We can’t imagine anything worse than that!

by Dink

On the most recent episode of Top Shot, only six people remain. Chris, Chee, Greg, the silent assassin (Kyle), Augie, and Gary. The individual challenge was pretty cool and fun to watch. The competitors had to rappel down a three-story building one story at a time and take out targets before moving on to the next level. The three competitors who had the fastest time were safe from elimination and the three ones with the slowest time were able to be nominated into elimination. It turned out that Greg, Chee, and Gary had the slowest time, and we were hopeful that Greg would be sent home, but unfortunately, they sent Chee and Gary.

The elimination challenge was also very fun to watch. It was a challenge based on real SWAT scenarios. They had to breach three doors with a Mossberg 500 chainsaw shotgun and then take out targets with an FN FS 2000. Gary went first and had a good run. Chee went next and it looked like Chee might have a chance at winning, but then he failed to breach the third door with one shot. He had to get another round into his shotgun and that cost him a lot of time. Chee lost the elimination challenge and was sent home. We had thought that Chee might have won Top Shot because he did really good on previous challenges, but we I guess he won’t.

Anyway, Greg is still in the competition and we really hope that he gets sent home next week. He is really annoying because he does bad in the team or individual challenge, but then he does good in the elimination challenge, beats his opponent, and comes back to the house again. We thought it was funny this show that when he had to get off the safe bench, he looked like he was going to cry (again).

We don’t really understand why we dislike Greg so much. It may have to do with how he wouldn’t vote his friends into elimination the first time, and then there was the little bandanna club. And the alter he built to the first girl who left. Or maybe his sad face with the threat of tears every now and then. We don’t know, but we just don’t really like Greg.

At this point we want either Chris or Kyle to win Top Shot. Kyle is really positive and a good leader and Chris is a great shot and also positive. The only thing that worries us about Silent Assassin is that there is going to be some kind of major physical demands that he won’t be able to do as well. We hope he is running and working out and not sitting around.

The best thing about this episode was Colby’s excited and entertaining comments, such as “Greg….talking to himself now!” and “Awww! He smacked into the wall!!!!” Colby’s commentary definitely makes the show a success.

by Dink

Halfway through the most recent episode of Top Shot, I think my liking for Chee and Gabby went down. The eight people left were doing a sniper challenge, and you had ten minutes or twenty shots to hit a target 1,500 yards down range. Whoever took the longest to hit the target went home immediately and the next three people who did the worst could be voted into elimination. It turned out that Gabby took the most time to hit the target, so she went home. Chee was very sad because he and Gabby had gotten to be good friends, and like Greg, he looked like he was going to cry! Gabby was crying too and it was mildly disturbing. It seems Top Shot is turning into a soap opera, although it isn’t really their fault. I wonder where all these people come from.

Anyway, Gregory Little John is STILL on Top Shot. 😦 He just won’t go home! It turned out that William went home, which is a good thing because William was being really annoying on the last few episodes. Chris made an incredible come back during elimination round with William. He was really trailing behind, but then he caught up and then won.

Oh well. The episode was entertaining, but not very fulfilling, because I would have liked Greg to go home. Hopefully he will be kicked off next week, but we’ll see.

by John